Letter to the editor 1, Feb. 14, 2019

Dear Editor,

As a fairly recent new resident of Hudson, I have read many times in your publication of the proud environmental protection pedigree of Hudsonites and their attention to all things natural.

However, I have to let the general populace know that this is not always the case on the nature trails on the old Clarke Family homestead beside the Le Nichoir bird sanctuary. I have often times just been amazed at the number of dog droppings left by or on the trail (as if they couldn't notice it!), the piles left just off the trails, and (this is simply beyond belief!)... brown poop bags left on or beside the trails themselves!

Our four-legged friends are happy as clams on these trails and we have enjoyed these beautiful natural walkways that the Clarke Family bequeathed to all of us Hudsonites years ago. Why on Earth would the two-legged variety (with presumably more intelligence, but I wonder sometimes) leave their trusted companion's deposits not only on, or beside, the trail for all of us to see, smell and marvel at.... but also in a bag on the ground or in the tree (!) for someone else to admire?

Garage receptacles are conveniently located at the entrance and most exits of the trail system, as are the ‘doggie’doo’ bags. Yet, yesterday alone I counted four dropped bags, six bare deposits on the side of the walkways, and five off to the sides (they didn't even try to cover them up with snow...…go figure).

Now, I know most dog owners are responsible and pick up after their pets and deposit their droppings in the proper containers, but the five to 10 per cent that do not should be ashamed of themselves and we will call you out, wherever you are, unless you repent and clean up – after yourselves!

Kind regards,

Richard Kelertas


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