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Hi, my name is Captain and I was born January 7, 2017. I was outside for months. Boy was it a rough life! I was attacked by other cats on a regular basis. I hurt myself because I had so many ear mites, it was driving me nuts. I scratched my head until I bled and lost my fur from wanting to get the mites off! Life on the streets for an unsterilized cat is the worst. The attacks from other cats, the cold and always being alone… Eventually someone started feeding me. She saw that I am super sweet and friendly and just want to be loved. She called Casca for help. Now I am in a foster home and eating and sleeping without being stressed and receiving a bunch of tender loving care. It’s the best! I’d love to find a family for life! I am vaccinated, sterilized and have tested FIV positive cause of all those nasty fights for survival outside. I am healthy and can live a long happy life despite that. Please give me a chance to be a part of your family, you will not regret it, I am a super affectionate, handsome and sweet guy!

For more information on Captain, contact us by email: cascavaudreuil@outlook.com

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