• Brian Gallagher

Resolution me this Batman…


“If you make a New Year’s resolution to eat a healthy diet, and you keep it, you won’t actually live longer, but it will seem longer.” – Greg Tamblyn

I don’t know how to start this first column of 2019 beautiful people. It feels like I’m still in neutral or that the ‘new’ year hasn’t kicked in yet. So why start a ‘new’ year on January 1? Now I know we have just come off a great festive holiday season enjoying lots of good cheer with friends, going to dinners and parties, and spending time with relatives that you only see once a year (unless there’s a funeral or a wedding – I’m at the age where each year brings about the same amount of each. But hey, at least I’m still going to them instead of being the guest of honour…).

But seriously, are you with me? How about June 1? After almost an entire half year of snow, freezing temperatures and then rain – isn’t that the time to celebrate? Think about it – summer kicks in and then we have the spectacular fall season only to finish off with the holiday celebrations. Now that is starting a new year on a high note! Then that gives us the last 6 months to recover and repent to start it all over again on June 1. In my books January 1 just seems to be the ultimate ‘Debbie Downer’ of a day. Companies are allowed to have a year-end anytime during the calendar year so why can’t I? Make it so.

How are your resolutions coming along dear readers? Mine are in full swing. Still wearing the same sweatpants I woke up with on January 1. No gas in the car. Hibernation here I come. No need to venture out into this wasteland. Wake me up on the real New Year’s Day – June 1. See you then for a celebratory martini (or two – got to pack the pounds back on after that sleep).

But if you must mush out into the frozen tundra – here are some suggestions for you this month:

Is it time to show your creative side to the world? There is a call for Artists and Artisans for the 16th Edition of the Hudson and Region Studio Tour, held the third and fourth weekend in September. Looking for applicants located in Hudson, Saint-Lazare, Rigaud, and the western region of Vaudreuil-Dorion. All Métiers des Arts are encouraged and welcome.

Deadline for applications is February 3, 2019 – please see www.hudsonstudiotour.com for details and online application.

The next concert by the Lakeshore Chamber Music Society is Friday, January 18 featuring an ensemble of cello, violin and piano. The concert will be held at the Union Church, 24 Maple Avenue, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue starting at 7:30 p.m. For more info on their entire 2019 concert line-up check out www.lakeshorechambermusic.org .

As always, make sure you check out the ‘Things to See and Do’ section of The Journal for all upcoming events in and around the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area and if you have some music, art or other cool event you think I should be checking out please hit me up at kickinthearts@yourlocaljournal.ca.

Mmmm… sweatpants and string cheese… Sociable!