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Fending Off Cabin Fever


I love being at home, especially in the winter. I hate the cold so sitting indoors by the fire with my pets, my books and cups of tea is pretty much my favourite thing about winter. There is just one problem with that… after a while the walls start closing in and cabin fever takes over. I go from admiring my pretty home to wanting a complete do-over. Since redoing my entire home every winter isn’t financially feasible, I have found another way to keep the walls at bay. I purge; ruthlessly! Nothing is safe. Tchotchkes; gone. Trinkets; good-bye. Whatchamacallits; sayonara. Only as the ‘Give Pile’ grows do I feel like I can breathe again and enjoy my home.

It seems that in spite of the age of consumerism we live in, I am not alone in my need to get rid of things. Current lifestyle trends are addressing the quest for a more simple life and more minimalist homes worldwide. In Sweden there is decluttering concept called ‘The Death Clean.’ In its most basic definition it refers to the practice of discarding your unnecessary, unimportant or useless belongings so that after you have left this world, your loved ones do not have to deal with disposing them. It is thought to be a proactive and considerate approach to thinning your possessions so your family is not burdened with finding new homes for everything you have collected over the course of your life.

Japanese organizational consultant Marie Kondo is a rising star in the home décor field for writing books on her method of decluttering called Konmari. According to her, the Konmari approach teaches us to collect all of our possessions and go through them one by one and keep only the pieces that ‘spark joy.’ Once we have eliminated items that do not touch our spirit, we then find special places to keep the things that remain. I think Benjamin Franklin beat her to that idea when he quipped, “A place for everything, everything in its place.”

I know purging is hard to do but look at the bright side – once you have purged the clutter, your home is winter ready for the Danish practice of hygge. Hygge is the art of making your home cozy and it is the easiest design trend ever. All you need are candles, a few throw pillows, comfy blankets, cups of hot beverages, elements from nature and only your treasures that tell a story. Who wouldn’t mind being in a cabin like that?

If you are successful at purging and fending off cabin fever but do not like the idea of throwing things away, there are many great donations centres in our area that accept everything from clothes to furniture. As most of them are staffed by volunteers it is best to call ahead to be sure they are open. See list below…

Le Brocanphile

41 Grand Boulevard


More information is available at the Le Brocanphile Facebook page www.facebook.com/lebrocanphile/.

Nova Hudson Boutique

455 Main Road

Featuring clothing, jewellery, books, handbags, shoes, etc.

Nova Maison

538 Main Road

Houseware, art, collectibles, and an extensive bridal area.

Donation drop-off areas at both locations. Pick-up service available for larger donations. All proceeds from both stores go to paying for home care nurses in the area.

Call (450) 202-6682 for more info.

Nova Sainte-Anne’s – and the Bargain Alley next door

43 Sainte-Anne Street, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue


The Bunker

Located in the basement of the War Memorial Library in Hudson at 60 Elm Street.

More info at (450) 458-4814

Friperie Comptoir Familial rue Valois

67 Rue Valois, Vaudreuil-Dorion

(514) 928-7883

Source d'Entraide Monteregie

2252 Chemin Ste Angélique, Saint-Lazare

(450) 455-8000

Centre d'action bénévole l'Actuel

88 Rue Adèle, Vaudreuil-Dorion


Librairie Renaissance

106 Boulevard Don-Quichotte Unité 22, L'Île-Perrot


Le Carrefour De L'Espoir

235 Rue Saint-Joseph, Vaudreuil-Dorion


Presbytère Ste Rose De Lima

300 Boulevard Perrot, L'Île-Perrot

(514) 453-5662

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