• Helene Couvrette

Toy drive for kids in care


Every year, hundreds of kids under the supervision of Centre Jeunesse de Montréal (CJM) don’t have the chance to rejoice during the holiday festivities either because their family is financially unfit, family crises, abandonment of the children at rehabilitation centers, parents unable to pick up their children for an outing or a family celebration, and so on.

This year once again, the Christmas committee of the CJM is undertaking considerable efforts so these kids may have joy during the Christmas celebrations. Please join H~OM in offering these kids a gift to open Christmas morning.

To provide you with some insight on the situation, here are some statistics concerning the kids from CJM:

- A 28 % increase in files totaling 4283 cases.

- 54.3 % are boys and 45.7 % girls;

- 34 % are 0-5 years old, 35 % aged 6-11, and 31 % aged 12-18;

- Problems by type and percentage:

- Physical abuse, 34 %

- Negligence, 28 %

- Psychological abuse, 16 %

- Behavioral disorders, 10 %

- Sexual abuse, 11.5 %

- Abandonment, 0.5 %

All presents are welcome – even as little as a $5 gift can help!

Christmas gifts suggestions

0 to 5 years old: Toys for babies and little ones.

6 to 12 years old: Lego, encyclopedia, comic books, DVDs, luminescent drawing boards, construction kits, science games, Play-Do, figurines (Transformers, superheroes), toy cars (Hot-Wheels), puppets and accessories, jewelry-making kits.

Teenage girls: Books, jewelry, make-up, hair accessories (iron, hair-dryer, combs), hygiene products (shower gel, body lotion), magazine subscriptions (Cool, People, Loulou, National Geographic, Vogue…), scrapbooking tools (stickers, paint).

Teenage boys: Hockey sticks, skateboarding shoes, sports balls (soccer, football), hygiene products, shower gel, after-shave (no razor), K’Nex, Lego.

Teenage boys and girls: Board games, educating games, watches, radios, music players, headphones, DVDs, books, gift cards (Renaud-Bray, Archambault, Sports Experts, Omer de Serre, movie theatre, Future Shop, HMV, Dynamite, Garage, Aldo, Globo, Ardene, Starbucks, Second Cup, Tim-Hortons, McDonalds…).

Bring all gifts unwrapped (for security reasons) to H~OM Yoga, 3187 Route Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion by December 7. They will be then put into gift baskets and distributed to the kids. (If H~OM is closed drop off at Mauve Salon next door).

In the name of all these young kids and teens, thanks for your generosity and Happy Holidays!

The goal is to distribute over 3000 gifts to these kids in rehabilitation centers and living in foster families.

Your engagement in this project will make a difference and will bring joy and comfort to the children but overall the gift will bring the message that they are not unimportant, not undeserving or forgotten.

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