• Brian Gallagher

Double double if you please


“In dog coffees – I’ve only had one” – Anonymous

As I sit here on a snowy Tuesday morning in my local Tim Hortons, I am reflecting on my wonderful hot cup of coffee before me. The ‘double double’ has indeed been my trusted companion for countless years on the road. Now I am sure that all of you beautiful people have your own favourite hot beverage that you count on to get you out the door or through the day and admittedly, Timmies has always been my go-to since I discovered it in Toronto in the early 1980s.

Now I have a musician friend of mine who swears that the world’s largest burger joint’s coffee is exponentially superior to Tim’s. And though many times he tried to sway me by bringing me a McCoffee to band practice instead of my beloved Tim’s, I would grudgingly sip the bitter burger of coffees while always feeling like I was cheating on my darling 18 per cent cream and two heaping spoonfuls of processed white saccharine-filled cup of java heaven. Now I’m not saying that the ‘other coffee’ was horrible, but it was just that we had nothing in common, no mutual attraction; it could never be more than a quick tryst, not the long-term meaningful relationship that your coffee mate should be (see what I did there?).

This also reminds me of my first experience at the ‘half-caff, non-fat, skinny Americano grande’ of coffee joints. I was out in Vancouver in the early 1990s and the hotel coffee was decidedly NOT the stuff of true java relationships. I walked for a few blocks only to come across a coffee shop storefront with a logo that looked like only the top half of the Statue of Liberty. I walked in and stood in the long line while looking up at the board that clearly was written in hieroglyphics or Aramaic. What were these strange terms? Had I inadvertently walked into a coffee cult headquarters? Immediately my Spidey-senses were alerted. My feelings of trepidation were confirmed as I walked up to the counter and asked for a medium coffee with two creams and two sugars. A pall of silence fell upon the entire room and I could feel the eyes of a thousand strangers crawling all over me and my uncultured, uncouth way of ordering a caffeinated beverage. When asked by the tall skinny young man with the waxed goatee and man-bun to repeat which type of coffee I wanted all I could squeak out was, “I’m sorry, I’m from out east…”

I knew that this was a precarious situation to put myself into and then when he asked me for my name it was all I could do to not recoil and run screaming out the door. “Name?” Were they going to track me? Put me on a “list?” I meekly took whatever beverage that was in the $7 small white cup that he handed me and skulked out the door. Yes good people, although permanently scarred by that experience as you can clearly tell I am happy to report that my beloved double-double and I are still together and living happily ever after. She has forgiven me for my misgivings and all is well in java heaven. God bless her.

So grab your favourite java, mocha or chai bevy and head out to catch some of these local upcoming events:

The Town of Hudson, in collaboration with the Centre Intégré de Santé et Services sociaux de la Montérégie Ouest (CISSSMO), invites those who have been affected by the 2017 floods, including homeowners, volunteers, and emergency service personnel, to participate in a community art project with the artist Tina Struthers. Creation workshops will be held at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre, 394 Main Road, Hudson on Saturday December 8 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

T’is the season to be crafty! Everywhere you look there are crafters’ markets for the holiday season. Folks that use their artistic talents to make some wonderful creations such as jewellery, knitting, photography, artwork, pottery and even wind chimes. Many of these artisan exhibitions do good for the community by donating some of the proceeds or having charities involved. Make sure you always keep an eye on the ‘Things to see and Do’ listings right here in The Journal to find one near you and maybe give someone you love some homemade happiness this year!

Until next week - Sociable!

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