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Agreeable arrangement for Guzzo multiplex cinema in Pincourt could another take 18 months


Vincenzo Guzzo, CEO and President of Cinema Guzzo, spoke to The Journal about the future of the proposed cinema in the Faubourg de l’Île in Pincourt on November 20 and said, “...if I was a betting man, I would not expect that theatre for at least another 12 to 18 months,” He also asked mall management to remove all the interior and exterior signs advertising the project.


Local area movie buffs who have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the planned Cinema Guzzo multiplex for the past two years will be disappointed to learn that while the project isn’t officially dead, it could take another 12 to 18 months for the financial details to be worked out, according to entertainment mogul Vincenzo Guzzo.

As CEO and President of Cinema Guzzo, he clarified a report last week that stated the multiplex slated for the Faubourg de L’Île indoor shopping mall had been officially scrapped. “What I said was we did not come to a financially agreeable understanding with the mall,” Guzzo told The Journal in telephone interview on November 20.

‘Another 12 to 18 months’

Does this mean construction could begin anytime soon?

“Let me put it this way, if I was a betting man, I would not expect that theatre for at least another 12 to 18 months,” said Guzzo who’s the number one cinema operator in Quebec and third largest movie distributor in Canada.

“This means I have other things to do right now. I couldn’t come to an agreement. I have other projects to look at. If that landlord comes back to the table, I’ll sit down with him but I won’t have the time to deal with it for at least 18 months,” Guzzo added.

The decision means that the Cinema Guzzo banners that have been hanging outside the shopping mall touting the eventual opening of the multiplex will be removed. “I’ve asked that the marquees be taken down,” said Guzzo.

News disheartens town

“We’re disappointed to hear the news,” said Pincourt Town Manager Michel Perrier. The town, along with many residents, had been anticipating the cinema for two years now, ever since the first banners advertising construction of the theatre were hung on the exterior facade of the mall facing Highway 20 in November 2016.

“We’re just an observer just like everybody else. It’s a commercial deal between the shopping centre and Cinema Guzzo. I know they were in discussions. We were trying to keep ourselves up-to-date and in the loop by talking to the owners of the shopping centre,” said Perrier.

“The last time we talked to them it was in September and they mentioned discussions were still going on but they had different files to look at with Guzzo because they were dealing with him in other areas in regards to other properties as well,” Perrier added.


Mall revitalization

A call made to Ian Quint, President of Groupe Quint which owns the mall, was not returned by press time. When the town officially opened its indoor playground inside in the shopping centre at the end of June this year, Quint optimistically told The Journal at the time the new cinema was still a go and construction would begin shortly.

“Cinema Guzzo is still definitely a part of the plan. This is a reality. They’re actually making their construction drawings now. They should be ready to go for their construction permit before the construction holiday begins, which is very soon. This will give the mall a very good kick start,” said Quint.

Town was hopeful

The town had also looked forward to the project because it was thought the cinema would bring in new tenants and help to revitalize the mall. “We’re optimistic for the future. When the cinema opens the changes will become evident,” said Perrier at the time.

The cinema was expected to help reverse the fortunes of the quiet shopping centre by attracting other stores more in line with the service and entertainment field.

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