Letter to the editor 3, Oct. 11, 2018

Pot holes

Dear Editor,

I recently received in the mail, a ‘postcard’ from the federal government titled ‘The Cannabis Act.’

The opening paragraph made me laugh, particularly the statement that this Act will, "…keep cannabis out of the hands of youth and to keep profits out of the hands of criminals and organized crime."

Seems to me that youth has never had any trouble getting their hands on cannabis and I don't see how this act will change that. And now those profits will end up in the hands of government; hopefully put to good use and not squandered on pipelines, defective payroll systems and trips to India.

The disturbing part of the postcard was the section warning Canadians not to drive high or face a serious criminal charge. Increasingly I have noticed, whether walking my dog or driving along local streets, the smell of burning cannabis wafting from passing or preceding motorists. The Cannabis Act only comes into force October 17, 2018 and already there are individuals who flout the laws with impunity. And why shouldn't they? Police forces across Canada are ill-equipped to enforce the present laws concerning cannabis use by motorists and locals here already take advantage of poor police presence (as witnessed by the amount of speeding on local streets).

As a species, we like to feel smug about the rules and regulations we put in place to control a perceived problem. But without adequate enforcement, our laws are spineless. There will always be a segment of society that will childishly act in its own self-interest. With no one to discipline them, that segment is like the unruly brat in Wal-Mart you just want to cuff across the back of the head.

Now I wait for the accident rate uptick due to increased impaired driving, and hope that I, family, and friends won't be the victims.

So, I ask the federal government, sheltered in Parliament Hill and conveniently removed from our local dilemma, what will it do to contribute the necessary legal enforcement so presently lacking?

Martin Roloff


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