Letter to the editor 2, Oct. 11, 2018

USMCA Article 32.10 versus Canadian Sovereignty (USMCA is the new NAFTA 2.0)

Dear Editor, As an unwavering Proud Canadian, I cannot, and I repeat, cannot accept that this so-called Canadian Government is relinquishing our sovereignty! This is unacceptable, period. This is not just ‘innocently’ being a good neighbour with the U.S. Canadian sovereignty must never be negotiated in any agreement. It must remain our Canadian sovereign right to negotiate an agreement with any country without having to disclose our intentions or even worse, potentially modify the text to satisfy the U.S. Not only: - Is the ‘non-market country’ definition in the agreement vague; - Is the list of countries unknown (we know that China is taking exception, knowing where the U.S. is going with this); - Is U.S. President Donald Trump using this agreement to get what he wants with China; - Is Canada ‘accepting’ to be ‘used’ by the U.S. for its own perceived gains, by virtue of Clause 32.10 Non-Market Country FTA. The Canadian Government should have played on Trump’s negotiating tactics. Even if Canada didn’t sign on at the last minute, the U.S. Congress would have never agreed to a U.S. - Mexico bilateral agreement. Canada is an important trading partner and too many U.S. States stand to lose on trade. I don’t understand how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or his Trade Minister didn’t fully appreciate the implications. His father would have never negotiated our sovereignty away. He was too proud to be Canadian and live in a sovereign country. Regards, Michel R. David Hudson

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