Letter to the editor, Oct. 4, 2018

Voting in the Dark Ages

Dear Editor,

I did my civic duty and voted this week. But as a computer professional, I am surprised by the antiquated methods we are still using to cast our votes.

Boxes with tape and paper strips seem like anachronisms in 2018. Why not just add typewriters and ash trays on the desks as well? I’m not complaining, just making an observation.

Most of our services, even security conscious ones like banking and taxes, have been computerized. Why not voting? I’d heard on the radio that the advance polls were using information systems but they reportedly had issues with them causing delays.

I’m not suggesting polling stations use a computerized system to vote but rather a more modern approach like mobile apps and self-service websites. They already have a government authentication service in cliqSécur so why not?

So far the studies done have recommended against it according to the Wikipedia entry on electronic voting in Canada. I don’t see why, perhaps they need to look to the private sector to do it right.

It’s time for what they call in my industry a “Disruptive Technology.”

Greg Mitchell


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