• Brian Gallagher

Kick in the arts, October 4, 2018


Spread your wings – free your spirit. This beautiful butterfly mural is on display on the exterior façade of the Omni-Centre in Pincourt in memory of artist Myriam Gaudry.

“I can spell ‘Saskatchewan’ without starting to stutter” – The Proclaimers

No, good people, I have not recently just returned from the land of wheat and canola nor have I strolled the avenues of Canada’s ‘Queen City.’ I simply woke up with that Proclaimers song stuck in my head combined with, “I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more…” – how many of you are singing that one in your head now, huh? You’re welcome. By the way, the lads from Auchtermuchty just played a fantastic sold-out show at the Corona theatre in Montreal. And yes, I did just say ‘Auchtermuchty.’ I looked it up on the Google.

Closer to home, Finnegan’s market on Main Road is wrapping up another successful season. If you haven’t yet been it is definitely worth the trip on a Saturday morning. They still have another few weeks left to go. I have always enjoyed strolling through the booths and the barns and discovering the many creative ways that these artisans find to transform discarded or broken items into works of art that inspire us to do the same.

“Oh hey what a great idea – we should do that with that old lamp in the basement,” or something to that effect – ‘You feel sorry for the little lamp don’t you?’ Remember that Ikea commercial? No? Look it up on the Google. I actually have that original red Ikea lamp and as much as it really doesn’t fit in with my wife’s decorating scheme I can’t bear to throw it out for fear that some tall Swedish man named Ladislaus will be knocking on my door in the middle of a dark rainy night… but I digress.

An old window gets stripped down and turned into a fashionable mirror or has its panes painted in whimsical scenes – a work of art.

Old furniture gets a coat of paint and/or stencilling – a work of art.

Twigs, beads and utensils become musical wind chimes – a work of art.

Doorknobs, license plates and hardware are transformed into bird houses – a work of art.

And of course grab a burger from that outdoor grill that hasn’t changed since 1979 – it’s also a work of art!

Speaking of art, as part of the Journées de la Culture, the Town of Pincourt has officially unveiled a mural created in memory of local artist Myriam Gaudry who sadly passed away on May 24 of this year. You can find it on the exterior facade of the Omni-Centre facing the Desjardins Kiosk at Olympic Park. Now who doesn’t want a selfie of themselves with beautiful butterfly wings?

So… are you a closet songwriter with boxes of unfinished masterpieces piled high on the top shelf of your closet? Have you ever wanted to be a songwriter or explore the methods used by the professionals? Here’s your chance. On Monday, November 5 Que de Bonnes Choses in Hudson is hosting a song-writing workshop led by the Juno award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Connie Caldor. Tickets are available through eventbrite.ca.


The Hudson Village Theatre has some great musical events this fall – from the terrific Cat Stevens tribute last Saturday to the wickedly funny Bowser and Blue coming up October 26-28. Tickets are available by calling (450) 458-5361or email at hvtbox@videotron.ca.

In other local news a lad from Île-Perrot and his dance partner from Dorval have reached the grand finale of ‘Les Dieux de la Danse’ here in Montreal airing on Radio-Canada. Best of luck to Alessandro et Morgane!

Ok beautiful people I do have a lot more to get to but I can feel my editor shaking her finger as I surpass the 600 word limit... right about… 10 words ago! But if you have something you think needs to be seen or heard hit me up at kickinthearts@yourlocaljournal.ca and I’ll definitely check it out!

Until then – Sociable!

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