• John Jantak

Vaudreuil-Dorion residents advised to watch for solicitors with fake credentials


Mayor Guy Pilon is advising residents to be cautious when dealing will unauthorized solicitors after a resident complained at the October 2 council meeting about an unusual encounter with a home evaluator who was asking ‘bizarre’ questions about her house.

Vaudreuil-Dorion citizens are being advised to be extremely vigilant with strangers who come to their front doors offering unsolicited services after a citizen recently dealt with a woman who presented a business card and a municipal ID claiming she was making inquiries on behalf of the city.

Resident Joanne Ackland spoke about her experience during question period at the Tuesday evening council meeting on October 2. The woman extended a business card indicating she was a representative from a property evaluation company. Ackland became suspicious after she was asked whether the house came furnished after she bought it a few months ago. “I found the question bizarre,” she told council.

Both Mayor Guy Pilon and Director General Martin Houde asked whether the business card was from the evaluation firm Évimbec, the company officially mandated by the city to conduct inquiries with homeowners.

Fake ID

Ackland said the card had another company name, but she didn’t keep it. She did, however, call the phone number on the card before it was discarded to inquire about the woman and the questions she asked. No one answered. Ackland gave the phone number to Houde who will conduct a follow-up inquiry.

What made the situation more confusing was that the person had another official looking ID card with the city’s logo, said Ackland. “It could have been someone from Évimbec but I don’t think so,” said Pilon. “This is why you found the questions bizarre. Évimbec is the only company authorized by the city.”

Call for confirmation

If a resident encounters anyone at their front door saying they’re from Évimbec with ID containing the city’s logo, they should immediately call the phone number on the card for confirmation, Pilon advised. “If it’s a legal person, they will stay because they’re not afraid of the answer. If not, the person will probably go back to their car and leave,” he said.

Pilon also suggested residents immediately inform the city if they are dealing with anyone who doesn’t have the proper ID and to not answer any questions. This isn’t the first time that the city would have encountered someone who could be using the Vaudreuil-Dorion logo under a false pretense. “There are chimney sweepers who have a paper and tell people they’re authorized by the city. We’re not the only city with this problem,” said Pilon.

Water aqueduct installation

Work is expected to begin shortly for the installation of a new potable water aqueduct for the residents in Hudson Acres and Tree Farm sectors. City officials are awaiting final authorization from the provincial environment ministry which is expected within the next few days.

The city will then convene a special council meeting to officially adopt a resolution to proceed with the project. “We’re looking forward to having news this week or next week at the latest. I hope it won’t take longer than that. As soon as we get the official word, we will call the meeting,” said Pilon.

“We’ve been waiting for the authorization for over four years now so I hope the approval will go faster than that. We haven’t officially awarded the contract for the project yet. This will happen when we adopt the resolution,” said Pilon. “As soon as it’s done, the contractor will be able to buy the necessary materials and begin work as soon as possible. Completion of the new aqueduct will take 12 weeks.”

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