• James Armstrong

Improved public transportation and better health care on Québec Solidaire list of reforms


Soulanges Québec Solidaire candidate Maxime Larue-Bourdages proposes more public transit for the region along with a heavily subsidized dental care plan.

Maxime Larue-Bourdages is running as a candidate for the Québec Solidaire party in the Soulanges riding in the upcoming provincial election and told The Journal, “The most important thing for us is public transportation.

“There needs to be more options for transportation for the families living in the region other than automobiles,” he said, noting that families often need two or three vehicles to meet their transportation needs. Reducing rates for and improving public transport across Quebec plays an important in the party’s political platform. “We plan to invest a lot in public transport because of the challenges we face in protecting the environment,” he said. The goal is to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, particularly those transporting only one person.

“What we are proposing is a public institution that takes charge of public inter-urban transport that would evaluate the local transportation needs,” said Larue-Bourdages.

Social housing

Increased investment in social housing also plays a role in the party’s platform. “There are certain basic needs such as having adequate housing,” he said. “Not only do we want to add places in public and affordable housing, we want to fulfill the basic needs of everyone. It’s unacceptable there are people who cannot afford a place to live.”

Health care

Larue-Bourdages stressed the need for better health care services for everyone, particularly senior citizens. He proposed opening more Centre local de services communautaires (CLSC) locations and making their services available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. “This would reduce the pressure on emergency services in the hospitals,” he said because the local CLSC would become the first line of response in non-emergency situations. Dental care for all Quebec citizens is a major campaign promise for the party.

“More than one in four residents never receive dental care because it costs too much,” he said. The party’s proposal offers a 100 per cent reimbursement for those 18 years of age and under and an 80 per cent reimbursement for cleaning and other preventative care for those over the age of 18. For curative care such as fillings and extractions, the plan offers a 60 per cent reimbursement to the over-18 age group.

A change of government

A recurring theme for Larue-Bourdages and the Québec Solidaire party is the urgent need for change. According to their website, there is also a need for a new political system, a new Constitution and the creation of new independent Quebec. They cite the prohibitive costs of supporting a petroleum-based economy, a nuclear industry, a military establishment, and the monarchy of Great Britain as reasons for creating a new country in North America.

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