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Animatch still needs your help


Animatch founder Hélène Lacroix said despite finding a new locale in Pointe-Fortune, her non-profit dog adoption organization still requires proper kennel facilities to house the dogs before winter arrives.

The non-profit dog adoption service Animatch found a new home, but the venerable rescue organization is not out of the woods yet. Animatch founder Hélène Lacroix found a house in Pointe-Fortune that could meet the organization’s needs, but still needs to raise $200,000 to build the kennels and other infrastructures needed to turn the Pointe-Fortune residence into an animal shelter.

Animatch has been finding homes for dogs for over 18 years but had to move out of its previous headquarters in Les Cèdres by August 1. Animatch started moving in early July and was mostly operational at its new location by July 15.

“We found a place in Pointe-Fortune with 13 acres within our budget,” Lacroix says. “The only thing is that we don’t have a building for the dogs. We have a house and a garage. The dogs are presently in the garage. It’s not ideal.” Lacroix says she recently received the plans she commissioned for a building. Now, she only needs the money to build it. Lacroix says the town of Pointe-Fortune was very helpful in helping Animatch settle in. "The whole village has been very accommodating," she added.


Some Animatch dogs taking advantage of an Animatch Dog Swim event in the West Island on September 15. The organization has found a new facility but needs additional funds to construct kennels.

Animatch has already raised $130,000, but is still far short of what it needs to fully support its activities and provide for the animals under its care. “We need everything. We need the funds for professionals. We need materials. We’re getting nervous because the nights are getting colder and we don’t have a building yet," Lacroix stressed.

Although the animals are being accommodated in the garage at the moment, this can only be a temporary solution. “It’s tight, and we have to refuse at least two dogs a week because we don’t have the room or the facilities,” Lacroix added. Animatch now cares for a dozen dogs. Lacroix says they usually take care of about 20 dogs at any one time.

Animatch is trying to raise money using different approaches. “Finnegan’s Market (in Hudson) is raising money for us through the market and their website. We have an online drive, and we’re trying to get corporate sponsors,” Lacroix said. “We have drained the basic public sources like veterinarians and so on. So, now we’re hoping that people who have contacts in the corporate world would be willing to give us a boost.”

Lacroix said additional funds may be required beyond the initial $200,000 assessment. “We realized once we were here that we also need a new well and a new septic tank, which we did not know about.”

You can help by visiting Animatch’s website at animatch.ca or their Facebook page.

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