Letter to the editor 2, Sept. 13, 2018

Thank you

Dear Editor,

I don’t know how many Hudsonites have had the opportunity or need to see our Fire Department and first responders in action – and I hope you never have to. Last Wednesday night I did.

There are some problems in Hudson in need of fixing but our Fire Department is certainly not one of them – we are so fortunate to have Chief Philippe Baron and his team to take care of us when in need.

I was returning from Hawkesbury Hospital with my 92-year-old mother. I had taken her to have treatment for her anemia. There was an accident at the ER entrance - she had fallen backwards and hit her head. They patched her up and we were returning home. Her head had bled a bit but she seemed all right. Near Hudson I suddenly noticed her upper back was drenched in blood from the back of her head. She looked at me and said, “I know I’m bleeding but I just want to go home.” I had to make a fast decision – Lakeshore General or back to Hawkesbury.

Instead I called a member of the HFD and was told to go directly to the fire station. When I arrived there were first responders waiting and they immediately took action to control the bleeding, assure my mother she would be okay, and called an ambulance (which took about 10 minutes) and then they did the unthinkable – they actually convinced a Quebec ambulance to take my mother back to Hawkesbury General because she was still wearing her registration wrist band.

The ambulance paramedics were great mostly because they were completely briefed by the Hudson first responders who had collected all the necessary information. They estimated she had lost at least a litre of blood – my vehicle’s right seat had to be removed to be cleaned. Today my mother is fine and recovering in Hawkesbury, thanks to HFD.

Hudsonites can be assured that we have probably the best fire department and first responders in the province and their budget is the best investment we can make.

Thank you again

Trevor Smith


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