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Football for all


(From left to right) Elizabeth Ducas from the St. Lazare Stallions Midget team, Ashlee Dalgleish-Arceo who is reportedly one of the meanest linebackers in the Peewee division and one not to mess with, Anais Guy-Rollin from the Bantam team, all 40 pounds of Leah Kozubek from the Tyke team, and Mégan Mathieu from the Bantam team. (Absent from photo is Mya Villeneuve from the Peewee team).

When we think about football, we automatically envision a bunch of boys tackling each other in order for one of the teammates to run across field for a touchdown.

However when the word football is linked with word girl, the image is of cheerleaders, short skirts and pom-poms.

Well times have changed. Girls are no longer worried about what others might think. They are feeling empowered and yes, girls can play football too.

The St. Lazare Stallions football association is in full swing for the 2018 football season with teams playing from Tykes to Midget. Many of the girls playing for the Stallions have brothers also playing within the program.

When asked to comment, mom of 5-year-old Leah Kozubek admitted that she almost fell into the trap.

“When my daughter told me she wanted to play football my first internal reaction was shock,” said Leah’s mom Marie-Jude Villard. “I was trying to come up with excuses in my head as to why she couldn’t do it, she was only 4 then, she’ll hurt herself. Then, after taking a minute to process it, I gave her my blessing and told her to go for it.

“As female, society has so many prejudices against us,” she said. “You can’t do this; you can’t do that based on our gender. It’s getting better but there’s still a long way to go. As a women/mom I think the best gift we can give our girls and daughters is to follow our dreams. When we go for it, we create a space where they can feel and believe it’s possible for them.”

This year the Stallions have six girls between the ages of 5 and 17 on varied teams and are always willing to add to the female rooster.

Come and see what the Stallions are all about. Check out a full day of football Saturday, September 8 at Westwood Junior High School, 2800 Rue du Bordelais on the turf field with first kickoff starting at 8:30 a.m. with our Tykes. Following our Tykes, our Peewee Stallions are looking for their first win hosting the 1-2-1 St. Laurent Spartans starting at 10 a.m.

Our undefeated powerhouse 5-0 Mosquito Stallions are looking to keep their winning streak alive by defending it against the 1-3 St. Laurent Spartans at noon. The mosquito Stallions are coming off of a 48-0 win over the Alexander Park Hurricanes last weekend. At 2 p.m. our Atom Stallions (2-2) who beat Alexander Park Hurricanes last weekend with a score of 28-0, will meet the Hurricanes again, this time on home turf. And the Stallions Bantam team will also be looking for their first win hosting the 2-1 St. Hubert Rebels.

Our tied for first Midget Stallions with a 3-1 record, will be on the road in Gatineau Saturday night.

Come and cheer on our home town team and enjoy an Italian sausage, burgers or hotdogs while doing it. Sponsored by IGA Family Déziel.

For boys and girls who think you can handle it, it’s not too late. Please contact Stallions President Anson Williams at (514) 773-0394 or visit our website at www.stallionsfootball.ca.

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