Letter to the editor, September 6, 2018

Council of Commissioners meetings

Dear Editor,

Quebec's largest Anglophone school boards, Lester B. Pearson (LBPSB) and English Montreal (EMSB), are celebrating their 2Oth anniversary this year.

However, their celebrations are off to a rocky start.

It is understood the first regular Council of Commissioners meeting of the school year is the most informative.

It is not only customary but also necessary for the Chairman and Director-General of the board to inform parents and the taxpaying public of any changes in educational and community services. Equally important are matters and issues dealing with material and human resources.

Simply put, a tone is set and gives an opportunity to the entire community to plan properly.

The French boards followed the expected protocol – the Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys held a meeting August 28 and the Commission scolaire de Montréal on August 29.

That said, on August 24, we learned, via a Public Notice in the Montreal Gazette (p. NP6), that the scheduled August 27 LBPSB Council meeting, "…will not be held" – a first in 20 years . No reason was given.

At the August 29 EMSB meeting, the two-page agenda which usually means a 2-3 hour meeting, was reduced to just 22 minutes, and included mention of mysterious conflicts of interest. The webcast is posted.

The aforementioned actions and inactions of these public institutions is another indication of how democratic participation is not a priority for school boards.

Chris Eustace


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