• Carmen Marie Fabio and John Jantak

Police presence increases following Hudson home invasion


The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) has not disclosed any further information on the weekend home invasion on Pine Street in Hudson that left a woman slightly injured and the family dog limping from a kick dealt by the intruders but said they would step up patrol presence.

As first reported on The Journal’s website August 26, 41-year-old Natalie Poirier was awoken early Sunday morning in her home around 2 a.m. by loud banging sounds. The front-entrance security camera footage that Poirier later posted on social media shows two white French-speaking males force their way through her front door and into her home and the sound of her screams can be heard shortly after.

The pair, both in their early to mid-20s, demanded Poirier give them money as they physically assaulted her and kicked her 11-year-old dog.

“It all happened within four minutes,” she told The Journal. “They attacked me; they choked me; they brought me down. I bit them. I fought like hell. I was down on the ground and they were looking for where they money was. They were sure in their minds that I had money.”

The men proceeded to rampage through her home, overturning drawers and cabinets and ripping off closet doors.


The two men who broke into the Hudson home in search of money rampaged through the house, ripping closet doors off the hinges and upending drawers and furniture.

Poirier was able to escape the house after telling the attackers she had $40 in her wallet in another room. Giving them the wallet, she then ran out towards Cedar Street and a passing motorist who had just moved to Hudson two days prior brought Poirier and her dog into her car to wait for the police to arrive.

SQ spokesperson Sgt. Ingrid Asselin would not confirm if two men captured two weeks earlier on Poirier’s home security system were the same suspects in connection with the assault but Poirier feels they are the same individuals.

The pair were recorded on her property and looking into the windows of her home. Poirier installed the cameras following a July break-in into her car.

“The investigation is still in progress and there have not been any arrests,” Asselin said, confirming that the SQ had added more patrol in the area this week. “Whenever we have a situation like this, certainly there’s an increase in surveillance.”

The brutality of the event is uncharacteristic for the relatively quiet region and unprecedented in Hudson according to Captain Philippe Baron, head of Hudson Public Security.

“We spent the morning discussing this with the SQ,” Baron said August 28. “They’ll keep up increased patrols until the investigation is complete.”

According to statistics issued annually by the SQ, there was a decrease in both assault and violent robberies in 2016-2017, the last period for which statistics are available. The numbers of crimes committed against the person – including sexual assaults, extortion, threats, and forcible confinement – in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges territory reflect an overall downward trend since 2012-2013.

While Poirier did not suffer serious physical injuries in the assault, she declined to comment further on the events.