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Missing birdfeeders returned to Vaudreuil-Soulanges Palliative Care Residence


Refurbished and new birdfeeders are the result of an avid VSPCR volunteer’s efforts. It all met the approval of (left to right) Hudson Legion representative Gerry Foliot accompanied by therapy dog Casey, Communications Director Josée Descoteaux, Executive Director Jean-François Thibert, Marketing and Community Events Coordinator Madeleine Langlois, Accounting Director Mary Quesnel and Administrative Assistant Dominique Bérubé.

The case of the AWOL birdfeeders at the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Palliative Care Residence (VSPCR) has been solved. According to Gerry Foliot, the Hudson Legion representative for the ‘Feed the Birds’ project at the residence, a volunteer noticed that 10 out of the 24 feeders were missing when he went to fill them on Friday, August 17. After asking staff members and fellow volunteers if they knew anything about the missing feeders, it became evident that no one on site had any knowledge of what had happened.

Twitter and tweet effect

“We thought someone might have stolen them,” said Administrative Assistant Dominique Bérubé on Friday, August 24. “A good soul wanted to help out and things got blown out of proportion.”

Word went out on social media and it was then that a volunteer who had taken the birdfeeders home to repair and refurbish saw the online posting. “He immediately returned the feeders,” said Foliot, “and we thanked him for his efforts.”

All is well that ends well

“Thank goodness they weren’t stolen,” commented Marketing and Community Events Coordinator Madeleine Langlois adding the swift and positive response from the community has been impressive and much appreciated. “We had people donating more birdfeeders,” she added.

“We really appreciate the support of the community and we’ll continue to accept donations of birdfeed,” said Foliot with a smile.

He said the Legion’s ‘Feed the Birds’ project began three years ago when Legion Branch #115 members began installing birdfeeders they had donated outside the windows of the rooms at the residence. “The feeders attract a lot of birds and squirrels,” said Foliot, “and watching them has a calming effect for the residents and their families.” He described how a wild turkey had shown up and would parade up and down in front of the feeders much to the amusement of those watching. Anyone wishing to support the bird feeding project at the VSPCR may do so through the Hudson Legion at (450) 458-4882 or the residence at (450) 202-2202.

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