• John Jantak

Woman assaulted in brazen overnight home invasion in Hudson


A 41-year-old woman was assaulted during a daring overnight home invasion in Hudson on August 26. Natalie Poirier was alone sleeping in the bedroom of her suburban house on Pine Street near the centre of town. She awoke to the sound of two men rushing into her home after the front door was kicked in just after 2 a.m.


“They attacked me; they choked me...”

The men demanded cash from Poirier thinking she had a large amount of money stashed somewhere in her house. Several rooms were ransacked by the intruders who also assaulted Poirier and the family dog, an 11-year-old English Pointer.“It all happened within four minutes. They attacked me; they choked me; they brought me down. I bit them. I fought like hell. I was down on the ground and they were looking for where they money was. They were sure in their minds that I had money,” Poirier exclusively told The Journal during an interview at her home on Sunday afternoon. The two suspects are white, French-speaking males in their mid-20s.


Rampage for money

“They were misinformed. I don’t have any money. They were looking for safes. They ripped off my closet doors. They were really in a rampage looking for money. That’s when I said, ‘My wallet’s over there. I only have a little bit. I have 40 bucks’. “They asked where? I said it’s in the kitchen. ‘Where? Show me. Get it,’ they said. That’s when I went and I got it. Then I ran out the front door screamed,” said Poirier. “They were in the house for four minutes. I was fighting them off and screaming and screaming. I’m a tutor. I don’t have money. Maybe they thought I was some kind of big wheel that has lots of cash. They were wrong,” she said. Poirier fortunately was not seriously injured. “I have some neck pain, a fat lip and my elbows are bruised,” she said.

Neighbourly help The suspects ran out of the house towards Ridge Road, said Poirier. She’s thankful a recent newcomer to Hudson was driving by and stopped to pick her up. “I was yelling and flailing my arms. She stopped and got me and my dog to get into her car,” said Poirier. “We were all sitting in the car in the driveway. She called the cops. She just moved to Hudson two days ago because she heard it was a nice safe town. I appreciate that she was there,” Poirier added.

Traumatic ordeal Poirier feels the home invasion was planned in advance. She posted an outdoor surveillance video on her Facebook page almost two weeks ago of two men walking around her home at night for over one-half hour. The surveillance cameras were installed after a car in the driveway was broken into around the end of July.

“This was clearly planned out. They knew where the cameras were so they came from the side. That’s when they did the three kicks to the door to get in. It’s traumatic. Two cars were in the driveway. They smashed in my front door with the outdoor lights on. It didn’t stop them,” Poirier added.

Rapid police response Poirier praised the rapid response by SQ officers who arrived on scene at 2:15 a.m.; 10 minutes after officers received the emergency dispatch. The investigation has been transferred to the SQ’s major crimes division. The suspects spoke French, were not armed and escaped with some low-value items, said SQ sp