• T.M. O’Shaughnessy

Geoff Green at Greenwood


Geoff Green of the famed 2017 Canada C3 Expedition is coming to Hudson.

Order of Canada recipient, Green was the leader of the epic Canada C3 150-day expedition that took place from June to October last year, an experience that proved to be a transformational experience for the youth, scientists, Elders, artists, musicians, writers and explorers who travelled from Toronto to Victoria via the Northwest Passage on the trip.

Green, founder and president of the globally-recognized Students on Ice Foundation, will bring to Hudson an exceptional evening of stories, videos and slides about the Canada C3 experience.

Green is an educator, social entrepreneur and adventurer who has led more than 135 expeditions to the polar regions.

This is a fundraising event for Greenwood and will be held on Tuesday, August 28 at 7:30 p.m. at the Hudson Village Theatre, 28 Wharf Road in Hudson. Tickets: $20. Available online at greenwoodstoryfest.com and at Boutique Pure Art, 422 Main Road, Hudson.

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