Letter to the editor 2, July 12, 2018

Water worries

Dear Editor,

Canada has 20 per cent of the world’s fresh water, Quebec has 20 per cent of Canada’s fresh water, but here in St. Lazare just three weeks after the start of summer, we are being told to restrict water usage under penalty of hefty fines.

As stated by St. Lazare ... “To avoid having to decree a ban, the Town wishes to remind residents how important it is to respect the outdoor use of the water distributed by the aqueduct networks (By-Law 667) currently in effect. The Town will increase patrols to make sure residents respect the watering schedules. Fines can go up to $2000 for repeat offenders.”

According to projections, St. Lazare’s population is set to increase to 26,000, so another 2000 plus homes will have to be built. Presently there is a population of 20,000, and just under 7000 homes in St. Lazare. Considering every man, woman and child consumes 300 litres/day we need to find more water.

After less than two weeks of little or no rain, our society and life in St. Lazare are threatened by the lack of sufficient water, while still more and more developments are proposed. We are also told, “…the town cannot block development on privately owned land,” so nothing is being done for our long-term water security.

Do the residents of St. Lazare have to wait until there are water restrictions all year, or even droughts, before the continuous land development is halted, or at least further development comes permissible only after all citizens are assured of sufficient water year round?

Water is precious and without it, what are we?

Alan Nicol

St. Lazare

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