Letters to the Editor, July 10, 2014

Dear Editor,

While the condo development on Forbes Street in Vaudreuil-Dorion was built according to ‘city laws’, at issue here is the well-being of the people (citizens) that live on this residential street.

No one, city official nor contractor, had warned us, prior to purchasing our condos, of the heavy traffic of tractor-trailers on this residential street. And, there was no way we could have known, before purchasing our condos, unless we sat there, in our cars, on that street, for a period of 13 hours a day for one week.

Mayor Pilon says that, “This company (Norampac) was there for over 30 years so we should have known.” From my point of view, if the company was there for over 30 years prior to the condos being built, the city planners should have known. Why did they allow condos to be built on this residential street knowing full well that over 140 tractor-trailers would go by on a daily basis (possibly increasing in the future according to mayor Pilon)? Why did they not make it a commercial street instead?

“The goal of urban planning is to guide the development of a city or town so that it furthers the welfare of its current and future residents by creating convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient and attractive environment.” In this case the urban planners have not achieved their goal. It appears that the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion has placed priority on financial returns (municipal taxes from 128 condo units and counting) instead of the wellbeing of their citizens.


Gerry Perillo


Dear Editor,

A plea from Stéphane Suavé appeared in your column last Thursday, asking for retired members of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec to offer their services to the Town of Hudson in support two of the most pressing problems, the culvert over the Vivery Creek and the Pine Lake dam. I visited the Director General of the Town of Hudson on Monday this week and offered my services. My background includes 25 years of teaching Mechanical Engineering Design at McGill University, where I also started the McGill Value Engineering Workshops, which through almost 100 projects created substantial savings for dozens of Montreal area industries. The Cameron Street culvert over the Vivery and the Pine Lake dam are not simple projects because there is no bedrock available for strong foundations, so several engineering companies will submit their tenders to try and solve the problems, with particular emphasis on opening Cameron Street as rapidly as possible. In this regard I will be happy to donate my services to help find good solutions.

J David Pfeiffer


Chère rédactrice en chef,

Le Ramadan? Pourquoi donc?

Ce matin, le réveil n’a pas sonné.

Ma fille, qui avait décidé de jeuner aujourd’hui et qui comptait sur moi pour la réveiller, s’inquiéta du haut de ses huit ans, du sort de son pauvre ventre qui devait subir une abstinence de plusieurs heures…

Comment pouvait-elle concevoir l’idée de jeuner 18 heures d’affiler alors que nous, parents et société, avons toujours véhiculé l’idée de manger pour vivre, pour grandir, pour être plus fort, pour être plus intelligent, plus performant?

- Maman, pourquoi les oiseaux, eux, ne font pas le Ramadan?

Interpelée par cette question sans apriori et profonde en même temps, je me suis mise à réfléchir au pourquoi du jeûne musulman: pourquoi nous jeunons? Pour quel objectif? A quoi ça sert de faire le Ramadan?

En effet, je n’ai jamais réfléchi au pourquoi du Ramadan autant qu’à son comment. Néanmoins ça demeure une de mes plus fortes convictions. Paradoxe? Pas le moins du monde, car ma conviction de ce devoir est indissociable à ma conviction de celui qui le prescrit.