Letter to the editor, July 5, 2018

Only as old as you feel…

Dear Editor,

Okay, okay.... I qualify for being in the category of ‘old age’ as I am 86 years old.

However, I find, that instead of being revered for being so old and also quite active (only in games and physical sports...not in any useful village activities), I am constantly being asked if I ‘still’ do stuff.... like drive, ride a bicycle, play tennis and pickleball, dance, etc. I do.

And another thing I ‘do,’ apparently, is get somewhat grumpy when replying to these well-meaning, but personal interrogations!

Well, the ‘grumpiness’ I am accused of has nothing to do with ‘old age’ as I have always been grumpy!

However, my daughter Lesley has put me straight.... grumpiness was okay when I was younger but not such a hot idea now that I am ‘old.’

She points out that I might need some of these well-meaning folks one day, so better not alienate them!

I here-now publicly apologize for my irascible reply to the well-meaning chap who asked me the other day if I were "still playing tennis"!

Naomi Henshaw


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