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Gentle Jerome was born on May 22, 2016 and is a good looking long haired, grey male cat. He was outside alone and looking for food until finding a nice lady who fed him twice a day. He stayed near her house and showed up for breakfast and dinner. With a heavy heart but with concern for his well-being, she contacted CASCA. Jerome was brought to the vet, dewormed, vaccinated and sterilized (no more socializing with the ladies for him). He quickly became accustomed to the foster family and enjoys sleeping with his foster mom, snuggling up and enjoying being petted. He is sociable and very, very affectionate, having all the qualities of being a good indoor cat, even being nice with other cats.

For more information regarding Jerome, please contact CASCA at (514) 706-2287 or by email at cascavaudreuil@outlook.com.

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