Parrywinkle, June 7, 2018

So a doctor moves with his wife and two young children from the big city to a small picturesque town in the country very similar to Hudson. Nearby is a pet cemetery that rests on a Native American burial ground - think Oka - which is probably something he should have checked out ahead of time. Like scouting out the schools in the area.

When his son dies in a tragic accident, he takes the boy's body to the cemetery which he had earlier used to resurrect their pet cat, killed by a car, hoping to bring him too back to life. Surprise, surprise, he succeeds. And the youngster returns home in murderous demonic shape. Got your attention? Then peruse on dear readers!


HOLLYWOOD HUDSON - If you are a fan of fabulous fiction writer Stephen King, as I certainly am although my beautiful Sunshine not so much, then this may sound familiar. For it was the plot of his 1983 novel, Pet Sematary, and its 1989 film adaptation which - to my mind at least - left a lot to be desired. As has been the case with most screen adaptations of King's books with the exception of Stanley Kubrik's 1980 version of The Shining starring Jack Nicholson. Which, ironically, I loved and King himself hated. Go figure!

“So what has all this got to do with Hudson or our region?” you are probably asking yourself. Well, while perambulating around the village this past week, I spotted a group of about 50 people obviously checking out our community with some serious intent in mind.

Being the nosy parker - er, investigative reporter - that I am, I approached one guy who looked more approachable than the rest and politely asked him what the hell they were up to. “Scouting locations for an upcoming movie.” he told me, “But I can't say any more.”

“What's it about?” I gently pushed. “It's about pets and a cemetery,” he whispered. “Stephen King's?” I ventured. “Yes,” he answered with a big smile. “You know it?” Sheesh, I was immediately in seventh heaven. One of my favourite authors possibly coming here to Hudson - well, if only in spirit perhaps - but he has been known to play small cameos in some of his made-for-TV adaptations, so who knows?


NEW PLOT FOR PINE LAKE? - What I do know is that actual shooting is slated to start in mid-July, Australian actor Jason Clarke who played Ted Kennedy in Chappaquiddick last year will star as the doc and according to the Hollywood Reporter, John Lithgow, who last year won an Emmy for his role as Winston Churchill in Netflix’s prestige series The Crown, will be playing the kindly neighbour.

Oh yes, and that a brand new pet cemetery will be built - excavated? - on the site of the former Pine Lake. Nah, don't be scared, just made that last bit up. Haven't a clue where it will be!

King, by the way, has published 56 novels - my favourite being The Stand - including seven under the pen-name Richard Bachman, and five non-fiction books. He has also written over 200 short stories, most of which have been compiled in book collections and many of his stories are set in his home state of Maine. Just a five hour drive from Hudson!


STILL LIVING IN COMO - Meanwhile, over at the very-much-alive after almost 300 years (in its oldest section) on Sunday, The Greenwood Centre for Living Arts hosted a wonderful and most civilized opening day for its 22nd summer season on Sunday, May 3 replete with the marvelous musical talents of Karen Cromar, Glen Bowser, and Dan Gallant on stage. (See photos on our Facebook page).


TERRIFIC TRIVIA - Where will you find Three Guys and a Babe, Doug and the Slugs, The Eagles, Dragon Ladies, SYD, and The Outsiders under one roof in a perfect setting for a King novel?

At the Hudson Canadian Legion Branch #115, of course. At least until this past week when their monthly trivia quiz ended until its next season starting in late September and, according to quiz coordinator, Meredith Royds, with over $1,175 raised this past season for local worthwhile causes. Including Westwood High's Bridge to Burundi project, Le Pont/Bridging food bank, Greenwood, Le Nichoir, VSPCR, Hudson Legion Poppy Fund, and La Passerelle.

Bravo to one and all for making it possible.

And that's a wrap!


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