Letter to the editor 1, June 7, 2018

Letter from a concerned citizen

Dear Editor,

Hoping to explore the possibility of coming to an agreement with the City of Vaudreuil and the housing developers of Place Moderne/Marier to keep a small parcel of land housing the smaller pond in a wetland environment and the trees around it to create an educational place for the future generations of this nature-barren area.

Unfortunately the Grey Tree Frog colony in Vaudreuil-Dorion will potentially be wiped out in a very cruel fashion by housing developers. As I write these lines they are already preparing to bulldoze the earth and clay taken from the lots of the new houses to be built and dumped around two very large ponds housing other wonderful singing small frogs (probably the endangered western chorus frogs).

There are three ponds on the land of this new housing development. One is extremely large with lots of earth/clay dumped around it as well as a medium size one that has already been partly covered with the debris of earth from the construction site and a smaller one about 20 steps from my backyard that has not been touched until now.

Since a month I have been recording the singing frogs early morning and late at night and it is a joy to hear them. It would be a shame to have these ponds teeming with wildlife, such as muskrats, nesting Canadian geese, Mallard ducks, Blue heron as well as the presence of foxes, racoons, woodchucks, skunks and a host of songbirds, hawks, red cardinals and more, be used without any respect for wildlife.

Presently, all these creatures will disappear as their habitat becomes destroyed. I truly believe there is no respect for endangered species in the city of Vaudreuil-Dorion or any initiative to keep green corridors or natural parks in the area preferring instead to make a 'fast buck' and sell houses without preserving greenspaces or foreseeing the eventual problems caused by this lack of judgement.

So I hope you enjoy the photograph of this lovely soon to be asphyxiated (by having earth dumped on the spawn, eggs and tadpoles that are present in the ponds) species in the name of ‘progress’ with the approval of the city of Vaudreuil-Dorion as all three ponds will be covered up soon and in its place awful looking grey and black blocks of houses will sprout in a treeless and barren environment.

Carolyna Brouillet


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