Up for adoption


Hi, my name is Simba! A Casca volunteer saw me running across a busy boulevard and the next day I walked into a humane trap cage. I was looking for food and shelter so it worked out well. The vet says I was born about February 19, 2014. I was vaccinated, dewormed, checked for ticks and mites and I was sterilized. Just as well, too many cats like me out there looking for food and shelter and even fighting over it! Casca put out an ad to see if anyone was looking for me but no one was...I am not used to being indoors all the time and I miss smelling the fresh air and rolling in the grass. I would be happy if I could find a home where I could go in and out safely. Nowhere near a forest, field or highway please! I don't want to get attacked by a predator or hit by a car. If you have neighbors who dislike cats, forget me, you need an indoor cat in that situation! (I'd have to be kept indoors for a while to get my bearings first.) I am a sweet guy and I love to be petted. I lift up my head and want to have it scratched. I have been known to lie on your lap in order to receive caresses. You won't see me at the adoption clinics because I hate to be put in a cat carrier. I can be visited at my foster mom's house. I live with other cats there but would be happier in a home where I am the only cat. To see me, contact my foster mom Anne at (514) 777-6686 or by e-mail at annebochnig@yahoo.ca

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