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Parrywinkle, May 10, 2018


Among those welcoming visitors to the Hudson Quilters exhibit this past weekend and in front of the beautiful quilt that was won in a raffle were (from left to right back row) Margo Prince, Mary Catherine LaFrance and Meredith Royds with (front row) Phyllis Moody and Anne LaRoche.

So here we are in the merry month of May. Often used as a pet form of the names Mary and Margaret but originally after the Greek goddess, Maia, who is also identified with the Roman goddess of fertility, Bona Dea. Bet you didn't know that. Well neither did I until I looked it up on the 'puter!

That being said, after a somewhat superlative soggy start to spring, it looks like we are in for some glorious weather ahead in this fair burg that is Hudson. Where, everywhere I look these days, it seems that Vendu/Sold signs are going up and trees, with the proper town permit of course, are coming down. This past weekend, I can only assume, being an exception!


FABULOUS FIREFIGHTERS - For as almost hurricane-force gusting winds ripped through the region toppling trees - mainly spruce and pine with their thick leaves and shallow roots - causing long power outages and many flooded basements in certain areas including ours, Hydro Québec crews were out in force with their chainsaws. As were private contractors and our incredible Hudson Fire Department dashing hither and thither as the emergency calls constantly came in.

Tell you folks, one may have a gripe about certain town services, but there's no faulting these guys and gals. They are always there when you need them. As was the crew in our sector that had been working until 11 p.m. Friday night and were back on the road just a few hours later with no end in sight on Saturday. Or perhaps even Sunday.

So on behalf of all those they helped in their time of need, a big bravo to Adrian Bonnemayers, James Campbell, Alex Meak and Ryan Phillips, as well as to Bruce Best and his team who came by to pick up the generator once the immediate danger was over. However, regardless of your surnames guys, you are all the best in my book!


QUIRKY QUILTS - Ditto for all the ladies of Hudson Village Quilters who, despite whatever problems they may have been having at home because of the freak weather this past weekend, once again hosted a stunning two-day free exhibit of some 50 quilts at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre while raising funds for Nova Hudson.

I popped by with my beautiful Sunshine and what an incredible collection of quilts both large and small with myriad themes from birds, butterflies and wildlife, to abstracts, to more traditional patterns. Including the big brilliant raffle prize titled Navaho Inspiration designed by Julie Kelly and subsequently created in some way by HVQ members.

It was won by Rigaud resident Céline Cadieux who, according to past president on more than one occasion, Meredith Royds, was very excited and so pleased to take it home.

While there over a cup of tea and cookies, I was fascinated to learn that it has been a very busy few weeks for Meredith as she has just welcomed her newest granddaughter, donated 12 inches of her hair to make a wig for a young cancer patient while raising $2,200 for the Hudson Fire Department's recent Shave 2 Save, and continues to organize the monthly Pub Quiz at Hudson Legion Branch #115 while still finding time to squeeze in some quilting in between year round. Sheesh. And I thought I had a full agenda! (See photos on our Facebook page).


ALREADY MIDSUMMER - And now to midsummer, which actually is celebrated in the night from June 23 to 24. But here in Hudson, it's all happening this Friday, May 11, when the great Greenwood Singers will be in concert starting at 7:30 p.m. at St. Mary's Church, 261 Main.

Directed by Judi Meade, it will be built around their unique styling and sound, featuring a wide variety of music from around the world, spirituals, sacred pieces and some pops and the program will be a delightful combination of a cappella pieces with others being accompanied by piano.

For the record, the singers are sopranos Rosemary Angier, Loretta Baerg, Louise Chaddock, Marne Dezso, Dolores Meade and Gwen Murray, as well as altos Colette Boyer, Jean Kelly, Marguerite King, Chris Merulla, Ellen Shizgal and Glenna Vipond, tenors Norm Arduini and Graham Campbell and basses John de Sévigné and Frank Royle.

Following the concert, there will be a delectable wine and cheese reception at the nearby Greenwood Centre for Living History, 254 Main. Tickets are $25 for the evening and are available at May's Studio, Pure Art Boutique, or by calling (450) 458-5396.

Hey, why wait until June when you can celebrate midsummer right now? And for such a great cause!

And that's a wrap!

E-mail: creation@videotron.ca

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