• Stephanie Lehner

French décor with a touch of Persia in the heart of Hudson


The stunning staircase atrium frames a large crystal chandelier in the Homayun house, featured on the upcoming Hudson Homes Tour.

The Homayun family is generously opening their home to visitors June 7 for the 62nd Hudson Country Homes Tour organized by St James’ Church.

Past the red brick facade and imposing columned porch, the large double doors of this classic Colonial-revival house open into an expansive atrium where a curving wooden staircase leads up to a circular balcony. Marvel at the large crystal chandelier that hangs from the center of the upper floor ceiling illuminating the polished pink granite floor and gold-gilded console table. A collection of prints depicting scenes of the French royal court lend an elegant touch to the décor.

From this breathtaking entrance, visitors enter the spacious drawing room. Here, a variety of lovingly chosen antique French chairs and couches are interspersed between small ornamental tables. The large, marble-topped cabinet with intricate marquetry in one corner of the room and the grand piano in the other add to the feeling of refinement.

Adjoining the drawing room is the dining room. The owner’s love of crystal is clear from the sparkling candelabra hanging above a beautifully polished rosewood dining table. A display case with gilded embellishments holds glassware and pretty porcelain tea cups.

Forming part of a larger family room, the kitchen is French bistro style with white cabinets, marble floors and black granite countertops and backsplash. By way of contrast, the rest of the room is painted in warm sunshine yellow and serves as a cozy area for family dining and informal gatherings.

Upstairs, each of the four double bedrooms has its own style and décor. Artwork from Paris above the bed in the main bedroom lends a particularly personal touch and framed family photos – past and present – are abundant around this room. Throughout the house visitors will enjoy a variety of artwork - landscapes and portraits – that add interest and character to each wall.

While the love of French furniture and design is clearly seen throughout the interior of the house, visitors will also notice a distinct Persian influence. Rugs, handmade from coloured silks and wools, adorn the floors in all the rooms. Each unique rug showcases the beauty and craftsmanship of Persia and the region with traditional geometric, floral, animal, hunting and medallion designs. A woven portrait in the drawing room of Artemisia, a legendary Grand Admiral of the Persian Navy, is of particular interest.

Nestled among the trees on the hill top above Hudson, this beautiful home is a wonderful addition to the Hudson Country Homes Tour this year. Tickets are available at:

Décors & Tissus Sérénity

67 rue Cameron, Hudson

(450) 853-0635

Centre Décor Hudson

33 chemin Yacht Club, Hudson

(450) 458-5121

Boutique Alena Kirby

3200, route Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion

(450) 455-6156

Le Panier

274 chemin Lakeshore, Pointe Claire

(514) 695-7038

Boutique Mireille Marly

484, boul. Beaconsfield


(514) 694-6782

or by emailing: hudsoncountryhomestour@gmail.com.

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