John Abbott students recognized for their involvement

2018 Outstanding Service and Leadership Award winners. From left: Angel Annanack, Noémi Blom, Kennedy McKee-Braide, Dalton Liggett and Harrison Kirshner.

At a ceremony held Tuesday April 24, John Abbott College recognized the dedication and efforts of 60 students with a Service and Leadership Award.

The awards were established to honour students who make a significant contribution to student life and/or in the service of others at the College. Nominated students are recognized in one of four areas of engagement:

1. Participation and making a meaningful contribution to a student club, service organization or committee;

2. Contribution as the leader or significant supporter in the creation of a new project at the College or in the community;

3. Provide a service to other students at John Abbott College

4. Volunteerism in and around the College.

Additionally, 5 students were recognized for their outstanding service. The Outstanding Service Award is presented to those students, in good academic standing, whose contributions are of such a nature that their accomplishments are recognized throughout the College. These students demonstrate strong leadership, organizational and communication skills as well as a sense of commitment, responsibility and dedication to fellow students.

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