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St. Lazare by-law revision will ensure landfill quality


St. Lazare Mayor Robert Grimaudo presides over a public consultation at Town Hall on Tuesday evening, April 24 concerning changes that will be made to the town’s landfill deliveries by-law in accordance to its specific requirements regarding soil type and composition.

St. Lazare council is set to adopt a by-law modification that will regulate the quality of landfill it receives from suppliers after a public consultation meeting was held Tuesday evening, April 25, to announce the specific changes that will be invoked.

The changes were made to ensure there is complete compliance in accordance with the town’s specific requirements when deliveries of landfill are made in regards to specific projects.

“It’s to make sure the landfill trucked into the municipality has the same characteristics and composition as the soil it will be deposited onto. It’s also to reduce the quantity of contaminants that could be found in more substandard types of landfill,” said Jean Lacroix, the town’s Director of Town Planning and Environment.

Landfill soil types

“The soil types are classified as A, which is very good soil and AB which may have some types of contaminants. Then there’s B quality and then C, which is more like industrial soil that has a lot of contaminants like metals and petroleum products. These are the soils we don’t want to have in residential areas,” said Lacroix.

Mayor Robert Grimaudo said the modifications are necessary to avoid ambiguity and confusion in the future over the type and quality of landfill that suppliers are able to bring into the town that are used for certain projects.

“There’s always been a preoccupation with the quality of landfill in St. Lazare,” Grimaudo told The Journal. “This is something we take very seriously. Sometimes it was complicated. We would tell the developer or promoter that the landfill had to be of a certain quality. We would be told, ‘that’s not what it says in your regulations.’ We would still get what we wanted, but it was a battle.”

Quality assurance

“The landfill can come from anywhere. We need to know what it’s comprised of. Now when a developer needs to do some filling, he has to provide a report that shows what kind of landfill it is, where it comes from, what grade it is. We have to assure ourselves that we’re getting good quality material because once it’s dumped onto the land, it’s there forever,” said Grimaudo.

He added the amended by-law also underscores the town’s continuing commitment to the environment. “We’ve put in place what was necessary to make sure that the environment is respected in St. Lazare,” he said.

Drainage requirements

All suppliers will also have to provide a Certificate of Authorization and conduct studies on how the landfill will affect the landscape afterwards. “How will it affect drainage? With the permit, we will require a drainage plan that says if x amount of rain falls, we want to know which way will the water drain away from the landfill,” said Grimaudo.

“Now we have a regulation that is clear about the type of landfill that we want and how it’s to be applied. The days of filling a lot two or three feet above the grade of the road are gone. We’ve capped the height to a maximum of 30 centimetres, one foot now.” Grimaudo added.

Lacroix said the modified by-law will be adopted at the next public council meeting on May 8 and take effect about one week later.

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