Letter to the editor 3, April 19, 2018

Please protect wetlands!

Dear Editor,

There has been increasingly more discussion on the development of the Como Gardens bog on one of the Hudson Facebook pages. It was also comforting to see several citizens stand up in our last council meeting and voice their protests on this development.

There are many aspects to this development that need to be taken into consideration. With pressure from the developer to proceed, I am wondering if any environmental studies have been done, and if our elected council has looked at this carefully. There is discussion of a clay wall being built. How high is the wall? How low is it dug into the ground? Is it just going to erode in time with the water passing under it? What will be the damage done to the bog during the construction of this wall?

There is discussion of no pumping. Will these homes eventually sink? Did Hudson not learn any lessons from the problems of homes sinking in St. Lazare?

Let’s talk about traffic issues. With limited parking at the palliative care residence, visitors to the facility are forced to park on the road. As a result, Como Gardens is a one-lane road in that area. Has there been any discussion about the increased traffic on the road? There have already been several near-miss accidents with snow plows, garbage trucks, and recycling trucks. Anyone travelling on this road can attest to that fact. It is only a matter of time before there is an accident and increased traffic is only increasing the risk. Isn't public safety one of our council's responsibilities?

Let’s discuss the road itself. It is crumbling. Can the road structure stand up to heavy trucks being driven on it? Remember, there is supposed to be a clay wall constructed in a wetland. The wall will require heavy machinery to build it. Remember, the road is already crumbling.

The road already needs substantial repairs. Heavy machinery driven on it will only destroy it further. Does council have plans to widen (remember it is one lane in this area) and rebuild it? What is the cost going to be to tax payers? I am not against development. I am against development in an area that is clearly not suitable.

Erin Wilson


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