• James Armstrong

Pincourt Mayor Yvan Cardinal supports sports complex development


After sitting unused for over 15 years, the Town of Pincourt is still hoping to finish and open the arena located near the corner of 5th Avenue and Pincourt Boulevard.

The fate of the long-dormant Pincourt arena came up for discussion at the monthly Pincourt Town Council meeting held Tuesday, April 10. Although the arena wasn’t an agenda item, Mayor Yvan Cardinal responded that the town was planning another attempt to make the sports complex a reality for citizens.

“Originally, it was supposed to have one sheet of ice. We are now planning to have two,” said the mayor. As reported in The Journal December 14, the city bought back the building from Groupe Thibault after a prolonged legal battle that kept the project in legal limbo. Town Manager Michel Perrier noted that having two regulation sized ice surfaces would reduce the audience capacity but would provide more opportunities for hockey players.

“The actual facility was originally designed for a capacity of about 1500 people with one ice sheet,” said Perrier in an interview following the meeting. He pointed out the original plan made the cost of operating the facility too high. “Having two ice sheets with attendance capacity of 300 or 400 per sheet makes it a more profitable venue,” he said.

How soon?

“The mandate of council is that, by the end of 2018, we either have a final solution and we are going ahead with it, or we abandon the project and put the land up for sale,” said Perrier. The mayor expressed confidence that the project will be realized and Pincourt will have a sports complex. As for the condition of the unfinished building that is now over 15 years old, Perrier said the interior has been well preserved.

“The exterior of the building looks awful, it has been vandalized but the inside is in extremely good condition,” he said. “There are no cracks in the concrete and the wood structure is in excellent condition.”


New playground installations and improvements are planned for Pincourt’s Parc Olympique.

Parc Olympique installations and repairs

Council approved two resolutions providing funds to improve and update Parc Olympique next to the Omni Centre on Boulevard Cardinal-Léger. A sum of $60,896.92 was approved for the purchase of a play tower installation from Tech Sport Inc. and the Public Works Department was authorized to spend $10,000 on repairs to existing play structures in the park. Improvements to the drainage system for the baseball diamond were also permitted at a maximum cost of $12,000. “This park sees a lot of use, including the children of the school next door,” said the mayor adding that regular maintenance was necessary for all the installations including the water game structures.

Ragweed control

Council approved a resolution granting a contract to Arbo Ressources for the biological control of ragweed on the town’s territory at a cost of $11,951.65.

“No,” said Perrier when asked if the town had found a weapon to destroy ragweed. “We never really get rid of it but we try to control it,” he said. The town has created a plan of action that includes private, public, and commercial property owners such as shopping malls, car dealerships and schools.