• James Parry

Parrywinkle, March 29, 2018


Don't want to be an alarmist dear readers but there's a hit man in Hudson. At least he was until a week or so ago. And I'm not talking about some numbskull celebrated martial arts fighter or one-day-wonder pop singer at the top of the charts. But rather a guy on a mission being paid to knock somebody off. Permanently!

What's more, I have it on good authority that he was recently spotted sipping coffee and chatting in several locations around town, including The Carousel, Hudson Inn, and Chez Biggs. Got your attention? Then read on. And relax!


AMAZING ASSASSIN - For the hit man was actually veteran actor Michael Damico who, among other things, won the Canadian Karate Open Championship while raking in big bucks as a top fashion model in Brussels, Belgium. Go figure! And he was starring in a 90-minute feature film titled The Death of a Travelling Life Insurance Salesman shot primarily in Hudson but also St. Lazare and Vaudreuil-Dorion over 15 days and now in post-production for the next six to eight months.

The plot? Waiting in a remote hotel, a surly assassin finds an unlikely friend in an optimistic young gas-station attendant. His bitter outlook on life begins to change, until he finds out who the target is. I can say no more.

But I did catch up with that young guy earlier this week. Played by none other than the multi-talented Kyle Gregor-Pearse, a graduate of Theatre Workshop at John Abbott College who has one previous lead in an independent feature premiering this summer, toured with Hudson's very own Lorne Elliott in The Fixer Upper last summer, and who continues to work countless hours on the keyboard working on new screenplays. Oh yes, he also wrote and produced this movie through his production company, fastrabbit FILMS.

As Kyle told me over coffee with no hit man in sight, at least I hope not, “It is financed through money that I saved up for this purpose, as well as private investments from people to whom I was able to successfully pitch the idea. On any given day, our cast and crew numbered between 13 and 20 and about a third were locals. And all the places in which we shot were beyond helpful. Especially Alex Browne and his team at the Hudson Inn.”


AND THE OSCAR GOES … Impressed, I asked him to e-mail me the names of others who had played a major role in making the shoot possible. And boy was I surprised. It sounded almost like an Oscar acceptance speech. But hey, young independent filmmakers such as Kyle merit all the breaks and support they can get. So here goes.

Said Kyle, “First and foremost, I would like to credit my core team on this one. Namely, Director Alberto D'Onofrio, Director of Photography Andrew Main-Oster, and Production Manager Lev Rapoport. Hats off to Rubicon Pictures & Media, and all the executive producers including Mike Raymond, Jeremy Thibodeau, Isaac Senechal, and a huge thanks to Alex Weiner, who read my script at every draft, and supplied the incredible feedback that it needed for this project to work. Also my mom and dad for all the amazing food and Stuart LeBaron of LeBaron Bites for four days of catering on set. As well as thank you to our entire crew. We made this happen together. We made this our film. And we could not have done this without any of you!”

Added Kyle - and how could one possibly resist mentioning it here? - “One last thing James, and you'll have to excuse me for the plug, but a starving artist has to live, right? I do some pretty bang-up videography and if any of you fine entrepreneurs reading this are looking for visual content like client testimonials, explainer videos, or even a classic narrative commercial my team can handle it. Just give me a buzz at (514) 730-9710 or go to kylegregorpearse@gmail.com.” Way to go Kyle!


CAMERON CALLING – Now an update one young 'star' that I've been reporting on for the past two years in this column. Cameron Jaquith, who lives in Pincourt, is now in Grade three at Edgewater Elementary, and on Saturday, April 7, will be at the school's Pop-Up Shop Fest with many $2 raffle prizes again raising funds for the Montreal Children's Hospital.


The original hospital, where she underwent strabismus surgery, may have been demolished last week but for Cameron, who has raised over $7,000 to date and who celebrates her birthday this weekend, the mission for its Foundation continues and for further info check out cameronsfoundation.com.

And that's a wrap!

E-mail: creation@videotron.ca

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