• James Armstrong

Meeting held in Rigaud to finalize by-law amendments


A by-law amendment permits repurposing of unused Rigaud Mountain horse stables.

A special town council meeting was held in Rigaud on Monday, March 26 to deal with the last step in the process of amending two by-laws. The first amendment on the agenda, 275-18-2018, concerned changes to zoning By-law 275-2010 and the second, 276-07-2018, made changes to By-law 276-2010 concerning permits and certificates.

In cases of emergency or disaster

In a meeting that lasted approximately 10 minutes, Rigaud town council approved zoning amendments authorizing the temporary occupation of a building or land by any government agency, municipal, provincial or federal, in the case an emergency, hazard or disaster throughout the Rigaud territory except for agricultural areas and unconstructed islets of land.

“These changes come into effect when the town has declared a state of emergency,” Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr. told The Journal Wednesday, March 28. He said that after 72 hours council has to approve a five-day extension for the state of emergency.

Non-profit organizations

In addition, the amendment authorized the occupancy of a building or land under certain conditions by an organization accredited and recognized by the Politique de reconnaissance et de soutien des organisms à but non lucratif (Recognition and Support Policy for Non-Profit Organizations). Created by the town in 1996, the policy was updated in February, 2017 and delineates in detail the criteria for the accreditation of non-profit organizations and the application process. The document is available on the town’s website.

“This amendment applies to certain non-profit organizations so they are able to occupy a building for a short period of time in an emergency situation,” said the mayor.

Repurposing unused horse stables

The by-law was also amended to permit the conversion of an unused private horse stable with acquired rights on Rigaud Mountain into an accessory building. Under certain conditions, the converted building could also be authorized for housing purposes. Development of new riding schools and horse stables on Rigaud Mountain were prohibited in 2016 by the interim control measures put in place to protect the mountain’s forest cover.

Permits and certificates

Changes to the permit and certificates By-law 276-2010 allowed the extension of a building permit or a certificate of authorization in the case of a hazard or a disaster for an additional 12 months without fees.

The amendment also authorized a 12-month validity period for a certificate of authorization of demolition related to a hazard or a disaster and a 12-month period of validity for a certificate of approval for the construction, replacement or substantial modification of a septic system and a water withdrawal facility.

The unanimous adoption of the amendments by council was the third and final step of the amendment process.