• James Parry

Parrywinkle, March 22, 2018

Can't for the life of me pronounce it, but here's how it's spelled. Comhghairdeas. Which, in Irish Gaelic, means congratulations. And it goes out to all the participants in, as well as all the spectators at, this past Saturday's marvelous St. Patrick's Day Parade which wound its way along Main Road for the ninth year in a row to the obvious delight of families from far and wide for whom it has now become an annual tradition. And anseo ag súil long may it continue!


COSTA RICA CALLING - Meanwhile, it seems everywhere I turn these days, I bump into folks who have just returned from, or are heading down to, sunny Costa Rica. A vacation destination that my beautiful Sunshine and I have never visited to be honest. But, just for a change, we are currently checking it out.

People like Jacques Chevrier of Hudson Piscines & Spas who, incidentally, had a hit hot-tub going outside his store throughout the parade. Also Quarry Pointers Ozzie and Linda Voortman who, for a few years now, have made it their winter home-away-from-home. And, as I learned recently while getting a trim at Odyssey Medispa & Salon on route Harwood, hairstylist Zeina Abdulkarim who, together with 14 other local residents, had just returned from recharging their batteries at a week-long retreat co-hosted by Hudsonite Lianne Bridges of The Awakening Village fame and Sharon Cohen, a West Island naturopath.

Explained Zeina, who is entering her fourth season of Zeina's Kitchen Classes in her St. Lazare home and who actually spent most of her time in the kitchen and at local outdoor markets creating all the meals for the group, “It was such a wonderful time away from the business of one's regular life. To rest, restore, being out of the bubble of our everyday routines and surrounded by like-minded people, it was the perfect environment and a fabulous adventure to overcome uncertainties, let loose, and have fun while learning how to reconnect with our passions and purpose.

“To be hired as the cook for 15 people on a retreat was a first for me. I loved the experience and the women who all made it so magical. I am honoured to have been a part of it and, for sure, lifelong friendships were formed.” (See photos on our Facebook page).


BETTERING THE WORLD – I caught up with Lianne on the phone to discover that after leaving Costa Rica she was in Virginia, south of the border, with her two sons, Kaiden and Kerrsen for the Spring Break and taking in the Marine Corps Museum as 17-year-old Kaiden is currently training with the Canadian Army Reserve while studying at Dawson College.

He is obviously following in his father's footsteps in serving the community in that his dad, Robert Parkinson, who passed away in October, 2009, was a Hudson councillor from 2004 to 2009 and in whose memory a nature trail, The Parkinson Trail, was named although, according to Lianne, it has not yet been officially opened.

I was also fascinated to learn that The Awakening Village, founded here in her home basement seven years ago to 'bring people together to explore ways of using their passion and expertise to better the world while bringing prosperity to their own lives and those of others' has grown to include thousands of members from around the globe offering myriad resources, as well as group coaching and networking. Way to go Lianne!


GOING CONTINENTAL - Still on the food scene and continental scene at that, I just learned from Bill Young that the Wyman Breakfast group, which for the past six years or so has been organizing and hosting such guest-speaker breakfasts in the spirit of fellowship and camaraderie, is back after a winter hiatus at Wyman Memorial United Church, 513 Main, this Saturday, March 24, at 9 a.m. when the speaker will be Terry O'Shaughnessy, Executive Director of Hudson's Greenwood Centre for Living History. She will be unveiling the centre's special theme for 2018, Hats Off to Greenwood! while elaborating on its fascinating history as seen through the prism of the vibrant people who once called the historic house home and while there is no admission fee a freewill offering is always welcome!


HIT AT HVT - In closing, just a reminder that the Hudson Player's Club hilarious comedy Jack of Diamonds has its last showing at Hudson Village Theatre, 28 Wharf Road this Sunday, March 25, at 2 p.m. starring local actors and a hoot from start to finish. For reservations, go to hudsonplayersclub.ca or call (438) 923-6828. And enjoy the show!

And that's a wrap!

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