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March 23 is last day to apply for St. Lazare cracked foundation repair subsidy


St. Lazare council held an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday, March 20, to reiterate that homeowners who want to take advantage of a subsidy program to stabilize their foundations have until tomorrow – Friday, March 23 – to file their application at town hall.

The work needed to fix a home with cracking foundation includes excavation on the external, and in some cases internal, perimeter of the structure and the installation of metal pilings for stabilization.

St. Lazare residents who want to take advantage of a subsidy program being offered by the town and provincial government to help defray the cost of stabilizing home foundations have until tomorrow – Friday, March 23 – to make sure their applications are deposited at town hall.

The new deadline was reiterated during an extraordinary council session that was held at town hall on Tuesday, March 20, at which only two residents were in attendance. The date was first announced during the regular monthly council meeting on Tuesday, March 13, and has been publicized on the town’s website before then, said Mayor Robert Grimaudo.

The original deadline was on February 28 but an additional contribution by the province to the town’s cracked foundation program meant the deadline was extended another three weeks.

The extraordinary session was held to officially adopt the change made to the original provincial subsidy program that now provides an additional $29,000 in funds for a total of $200,000 to homeowners who apply for financial assistance. The town matched the extra financial aid from the province and is also providing $200,000 for a total of $400,000.

Provincial fiscal year-end

The province’s financial incentive has been available to residents since it was first announced by Soulanges Liberal MNA Lucie Charlebois during a press conference at the St. Lazare Community Centre on August 28, 2017. The $171,000 earmarked for the municipality at the time was provided through the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ) regional renovation program.

The Friday deadline for is in line with the close of the province’s fiscal year, said Jean Lacroix, Director of the town’s environment and urbanism departments.

“The provincial government is closing their fiscal year by March 31 and this is why everything has to be done prior to this deadline. Then we will have to go onto the property to verify certain facts. We need one week to do this so this is why the application deadline is this Friday,” said Lacroix.

“Citizens will basically have to provide an engineer’s report that specifies the construction required to repair the cracked foundation is the result of the condition of the soil that caused the problem and the solution is to put at least one pile in place to stabilize the foundation,” added Lacroix.

Homeowners who are approved for the subsidy assistance program will also have to provide the submission tender from the contractor they hire to ensure the work will comply with all provincial and municipal regulations. Documents for this phase of the work will have to be submitted to town hall by May 23.

Original deadline extended

Grimaudo is pleased with the additional subsidy and the extension of the application deadline. “It’s not a huge amount but it’s still something. We will take whatever they give us. It allowed us the opportunity to extend the program one extra month because of the extra subsidy,” Grimaudo told The Journal.

“When we have a change, we have to pass a resolution. The town advised residents at the regular council session on March 13 that the deadline to make an application for the provincial subsidy at town hall is this Friday, March 23,” said Grimaudo.

“Our residents have known since last week. At the last council meeting, we passed a notice of motion saying we were having this extraordinary council meeting tonight. People have had a little more time, and needless to say as well, we didn’t hide the fact on our website and info letter that we received another $29,000. People have already known for a couple of weeks,” Grimaudo added.

Complete information about the cracked foundation program is available on the town’s website at ville.saint-lazare.qc.ca/en/lezardees.

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