Letter to the editor 1, March 22, 2018

Disillusioned in St. Lazare

Dear Editor,

I'll be going to City Hall tomorrow to pay the first installment of our property taxes which is about $845. This money, which is no small amount for two retired citizens on a fixed income, will pay the salary of one director for just under two days’ work.

We have 18 directors that I know of here in St. Lazare and I was told by a very reputable source that each of them earn about $140,000 per year. I was also told that we, the taxpayers, contribute nine per cent of their salary to a pension fund so that when they retire they can continue to enjoy the good life. I attended a little get-together at a West Island brasserie last Saturday for guys I used to work with at the airport. A few retired recently after working for almost 40 years and received no pension from the company what so ever.

It just makes me absolutely sick to see guys like this be forced to contribute to other people’s pensions when they themselves get nothing.

I am one of those people and the more I learn about how our taxes are spent the sicker and more disillusioned I become.

Richard Meades

St. Lazare

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