• John Jantak

Pincourt Mayor Cardinal invites residents to register for the annual Défi Santé health challenge


Pincourt Mayor Yvan Cardinal is inviting residents to take part in the Défi Santé health challenge that will be held throughout April and encourages residents to register for the event which promotes adopting a healthy lifestyle and habits.

Pincourt residents are being encouraged to participate in the town’s annual Défi Santé, a month-long health and motivational challenge aimed at improving lifestyle and habits that will begin on April 1.

Mayor Yvan Cardinal issued a personal invitation to all the town’s citizens, young and old, to participate in the event and begin adopting healthy lifestyles by engaging in regular physical routines, eating healthy meals including lots of fruits and vegetables, and embracing an attitude of gratitude.

Tough competitor

A healthy living enthusiast, Cardinal participates in a variety of sports in his off-hours, including ice hockey in the winter and cycling in the summer. The Journal encountered the mayor engaged in a friendly pickleball game with municipal employee Francis Hamel at the Omni-Centre during their lunch break on Tuesday, March 6.


Pincourt Mayor Yvan Cardinal shakes hands with municipal employee Francis Hamel following a pickleball match at the Omni-Centre on March 6, one of the many activities offered for the month-long Défi Santé.

Hamel is the Community Life Animator of the Défi Santé and is busy preparing the various events that will take place at the Omni-Centre. When asked what it’s like playing pickleball with the mayor, Hamel said he’s a great opponent. “He’s actually really good. We’ve been playing every week for about two years now. He’s a tough competitor,” said Hamel.

Pickleball Tuesday is one of five unique themed activities the town will host each week throughout April and include Discovery Monday, Relaxation Thursday, Adrenaline Friday, and Family Sunday.

Participation invitation

The mayor is inviting the town’s residents, councillors, and employees to join him to help officially kick-off the event by participating in an evening of non-strenuous, physical exercises at the Omni-Centre on Monday, April 2. “It’ll be easy for everyone,” he said.

“It’s a responsibility for our city to try to get people to realize how important their health is, especially among our children who need to stay active. It’s not about participating in activities for only one month. We want to get out the message it’s important to stay in shape all year. When you’re in shape, you can do anything you want,” said Cardinal.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

The Défi Santé is an annual province-wide event and an important part of the city’s social development policy which aims to promote healthy lifestyles among families and individuals within the municipality. The town distinguished itself in last year’s event by having the third highest participation rate among all the municipalities with a population between 5,000 and 40,000 residents who took part.