Letter to the editor 1, Feb. 22, 2018

Democratic process

Dear Editor,

After a short but relatively acrimonious election campaign where the pros and cons of municipal spending faced off, I was pleased to see at the end of January that the Saint-Lazare municipal council decided to temporarily halt all major projects in order to poll the residents on what they thought the priorities should be in the coming year.

Although I was pleased, I wondered how long it would take for the fearmongers to emerge and question and criticize a sound and democratic approach. Well I didn’t have to wait long to see!

In this same column last week, a mere three weeks after the announcement, someone was throwing exaggerated numbers left and right and putting into question the honesty and integrity of a yet-to-be-named polling organization, of the newly elected city council (five of the seven members are new to the panel) and of our city’s employees.

I truly hope that this is not a sign of what is to be expected over the next year and that people will respect the democratic process that we so cherish and stay away from people bashing, character assassination, and extreme exaggeration and trust the people that we democratically elected to office.

Paul Lavigne


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