Letter to the editor 1, Feb. 8, 2018

Is the tail wagging the dog?

Dear Editor,

In reference Carmen Marie Fabio’s article; ‘Barreau du Québec closes file on complaint against Fischer’ in The Journal of Thursday, January 25, 2018.

As a long-time resident, engaged and concerned citizen, it is difficult to hear sincerity in Mr. Roy’s (Hudson DG) statement; “We’ve done our duty and we’ve been responsible, the town is not vengeful. We’re not against our citizens.” regarding fellow citizen Me. Véronique Fischer.

Full disclosure: I don’t know Me. Fischer nor am I defending her case.

In our climate of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts,’ it is important to illustrate that Mr. Roy’s statement has a “Trumpian” façade of benevolence that is shielding a vindictive truth. Mr. Roy (on the Town’s behalf) has sued or threatened to sue a number of Hudson residents and employees at the Town’s expense. By lodging complaints against Me. Fischer with the Barreau makes a direct threat to her capacity to earn a living. She was doing what appears to be her civic responsibility to hold her Town accountable. How are Mr. Roy’s complaints to the Barreau against Me. Fischer responsible to Hudson or within Mr. Roy`s purview?

Here are some facts behind Mr. Roy’s “goodwill” statement:

  • Me. Fischer asks questions of the Town;

  • The Town doesn’t answer the questions to her satisfaction;

  • She continues her questions;

  • Mr. Roy complains to the Barreau du Quebec; accusing Me. Fischer of ‘Guerilla Warfare’ against the Town;

  • The Barreau carries out an investigation and finds nothing wrong with Me. Fischer ’s conduct or actions;

  • Mr. Roy pivots saying; ‘we don’t’ attack residents and will not waste any money doing so’.

How challenging, difficult, and annoying are Me. Fischer’s questions to justify the term ‘Guerilla Warfare’ and filing complaints with Barreau? According to the Barreau du Québec not enough!

Mr. Roy’s attempt to put positive spin on how he is not proceeding with his complaint against Me. Fischer with the Barreau is smart political spin for someone who has already spent resources lodging complaints against Me. Fischer with the Barreau. Is politics the job of a municipal DG? Hudson residents should be aware that until the arrival of Mr. Roy in Hudson, the Town has never seen legal bills of this magnitude and these aren’t only from the case with Mme. Villandré. There have been unreasonably large amounts of money spent on legal proceedings directed at residents and employees. Mr. Roy needs to be held accountable for what he is doing with our tax dollars. It is time for this administration to get Mr. Roy’s vituperative behaviour under control.

Under this new mayor, Mr. Roy should be reminded that Hudson is a town that encourages discussion, accountability and transparency – not politicking from its employees. In my opinion, a DG should leave politics to council, not the other way around. Hudson doesn’t need its ‘tail wagged by the dog,’ it needs productive actions promoted by a more assertive council.

Concerned resident,

Graham Bourgeois


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