Letter to the editor 2, Feb. 1, 2018

Education rights of the majority

Dear Editor,

Reinforcing the benefits of school board reform Bill 86, it was widely reported, on January 29, 2016, that Premier Philippe Couillard said:

“It’s important that the classroom, the school, the teachers, and the parents become front and centre of what we do in schools.”

He emphasized, “There’s complete stability in our orientations, in what we want to achieve, which is to help our kids to succeed, give more power, more importance to parents, teachers and school principals."

Twelve weeks later, the bill collapsed. Those who loudly complained about "minority-language education rights" got their way.

At the Lester B. Pearson school board council meeting, on January 29, 2018, it became very evident the Liberal government had made a mistake.

Fortunately, a political party, the CAQ, which is leading in the polls, has an education policy somewhat similar to Bill 86.

Actually, it's been their policy since the party's inception in 2011. The education plan focuses on the rights and wishes of the majority.

Chris Eustace


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