Up for adoption


Hello! My name is Sam and I am two years old. My foster parent says that I am one big friendly fuzz ball. I love to have my playtime every day, and love to look out the window, on my perch, at all the birds in the back yard. I like my quiet time and am not into a lot of excessive petting. As well, I might get excited and accidentally scratch you if you use your hands to roughhouse with me. I like being alone with no other cats or dogs, and while I don't particularly like grabby kids, I sure like mature, respectful adults who are appreciative of a fine feline, as I am. I am quite affectionate and will gently purr when I'm petted. I was first seen last summer going from balcony to balcony in the hopes that someone would give me food. When the weather became glacial in December, Casca was called in the hopes of helping me. When the Casca ladies came, I was laying in the shelter that one of the two kind ladies had made for me. No one had to beg me to leave with them – I recognized a good opportunity when I saw one! I hope you will find it in your heart to give this big fuzz ball a loving home. For more information regarding Sam, please contact (514) 706-2287 or by email at cascavaudreuil@outlook.com.

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