• Jules-Pierre Malartre

SPCA Ouest de L'Île awarded Vaudreuil-Dorion animal control contract


SPCA Ouest de L’Île is looking forward to sharing their expertise and bettering the way of life for animals in the Vaudreuil-Dorion area.

On Thursday, December 14, SPCA Ouest de L’Île announced it was awarded the contract for animal control for Vaudreuil-Dorion. France Lavoie, Director of Communications for Vaudreuil-Dorion confirmed that SPCA Ouest had submitted the lowest bid and been awarded the city’s contract for animal control. SPCA Ouest therefore takes over from Centre Canin du Suroît as of January 1, 2018. “It’s the first time SPCA Ouest bids for Vaudreuil-Dorion,” Guy Pilon, Mayor of Vaudreuil-Dorion commented.

“We are anxious to forward our expertise to the community, in view of bettering the animals’ way of life and the relation between humans and their pets,” SPCA Ouest posted on its Facebook page. The post went on to say SPCA Ouest was looking forward to the year ahead and thanked everyone for the trust being put in its team.

SPCA Ouest did not respond to Your Local Journal’s requests for comments. During a 2015 interview, SPCA Ouest president Rémi Brazeau talked about the difficulties organizations like SPCA Ouest faced in bidding for municipal animal control contracts. “Municipalities go for the lowest bidder,” Brazeau explained. “If [SPCA Ouest] accepts an animal, it gets sterilized and dewormed, it gets medication [if it is sick], and it goes into quarantine. Eventually, it goes into adoption. That can cost—say, $500 per animal.”

“We had very good service from Centre Canin du Suroît,” Pilon stressed. “Their number one mission was not to euthanize, but to find homes for the dogs.” Pilon added that the city put clauses in its animal control contracts that control euthanasia, no matter what service provider the city retains. “I would be interested in finding out, but I don’t think there was much euthanasia over the past few years,” Pilon added.

Pilon acknowledges the ongoing cooperation between the city and SPCA Ouest. “We awarded SPCA Ouest a grant for a micro-chipping program. We’ve been working with them for a certain time already, and Mr. Brazeau took part in our panel, along with other stakeholders, to develop our dog bylaws,” Pilon explains.

Pilon mentioned that Vaudreuil-Dorion does not intend to banish any dog breeds. “We are more interested in regulating the behaviour of animal owners,” he stressed. He feels that mindsets regarding pets have evolved. Pilon cites the recent arrival of a number of dogs in Quebec rescued from the Korean meat trade as a good example. “We just finished door-to-door visits of our residents, and I must say I have more cats and dogs in my city than actual people,” Pilon said. “It’s not rare to see one or two pets per household. People love animals, and they take care of them. Pets are now practically family members."

I am sure SPCA Ouest will use people of the same level of competency [as Centre Canin du Suroît]. I think things will go well. I look forward to seeing how thing progress,” Pilon added.

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