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Pre-school tots and toddlers give gifts for those less fortunate this Christmas Two Hudson kindergar


The children of Centre Préscolaire Hudson were happy to celebrate with their Christmas project of Sharing and Caring. Collecting leftover Halloween candy, the children fill stockings cut and sewn by the parents and educators. This year over 400 stockings were given to the hospital for the children and staff.

When it comes to the gift of sharing and giving to those less fortunate over Christmas and the Holiday Season, it's never too young to start. As was very evident in Hudson this week when youngsters at two pre-school kindergartens, with the full support of their families and staff, handed over their very own contributions to two worthwhile causes.

Escorted by their teachers and all bundled up wearing yellow vests while linked and holding hands, infants and toddlers from the Garderie Entre Deux Montagnes, 33 Wharf Street, trudged their way through the snow to nearby IGA Hudson on Main Road to drop off non-perishable goods for Le Pont/Bridging food bank and to be warmly welcomed by founder, Carol Laws.

Said Garderie director, Jonathan Lazare, “This is our second year now and the children have been looking forward to it for weeks. And the reason we do it is not just to help other youngsters and their parents who might be in need over the holidays and even after, but also to show them how important it is for them to think of others and not only themselves year-round.”

Over at the Centre Préscolaire Hudson, located at Wyman Church, 513 Main Road, youngsters were equally happy to give with their Christmas project of Sharing and Caring.

Explained Sheila Weidman, “Collecting leftover Halloween candy, they filled stockings cut and sewn by their parents, and this year we were able to deliver over 400 to the children and staff at The Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine in Montreal, the largest mother and child centre in all of Canada.”

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