• James Parry

Parrywinkle Dec. 14, 2017

Everyone, I guess, has their own personal lucky number. Ours is 12, for the simple reason that I first met my beautiful Sunshine on the 12th of the month many years ago. I just happened to arrive to live in La Belle Province on a 12th. And I once read somewhere - check it out on Google - that each number has a meaning, especially when you see them in sequence in what is known as a composite number. Twelve being a combination of 1 which means 'stay positive' and 2 which means 'keep the faith.’ Go figure! ----------------------------------------------------------------------

HAPPY HANUKKAH - I got to thinking about that this week when I suddenly realized that Christmas Eve is just 12 days away as we go to press. Also, this Tuesday, December 12 marked the official start of Hanukkah continuing until the evening of December 20. Which, of course, is the Jewish Festival of Lights remembering the rededication of the second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, a city certainly in the news this week following Donald Trump's proclamation recognizing it as the capital of Israel.

Different faiths, different customs, and official holidays. But each dedicated to peace, sharing, and goodwill to all regardless of their religion at this special time of year! -------------------------------------------------------------------------

HELPING HANDS - Sharing was certainly on the minds of Hudsonites, David Langlois and Patricia Halford, this past week when - together with their four-year-old grandson, Jack Lapierre - they popped by the Hudson Fire Station with gifts to help families in need and those less fortunate. And what a wonderful story they had to tell.

When Patricia lived in Ottawa with her former husband, Wilf, a firefighter here in Hudson for 16 years whom she divorced in 1990 and who passed away in 2006, she and their children Angie and Alan, together with friends, would carol in hospitals raising donations for the Hudson Firemen's Christmas Basket Fund.

Married in 1994 and upon their return to Hudson, Patricia and David decided to carry on the 20-year tradition in Wilf's honour. And so they recently invited some 15 friends over for a supper-and-games’ evening. They came bearing gift cards for youngsters and their parents alike to the tune of $525 which they presented to firefighters Adrian Bonnemayers and Dawn Croydon on Friday, December 8.

For Jack, visiting from Quebec City and making his first visit to a fire station anywhere, it was a day he will never forget. Says David, “He absolutely loved it and told his mother, my daughter Jennifer, every detail later in the day!”

Added Patricia, former Pastoral Minister for St. James' Anglican Church in Hudson for two years in 2015-2016, “It is all about helping those less fortunate at Christmastime. And it is always appropriate to thank those who give so much to us and our Fire Department does just that 12 months a year. God bless each and every one this holiday season.” To which one can only add, Amen! -----------------------------------------------------------------

BREAK TIME - Meanwhile, over at the Hudson Community Baptist Church on Côte St. Charles in St. Lazare and again with reference to the number 12, the immensely popular Walk to Bethlehem depicting the birth of Christ on its spacious grounds was not to be in what would have been its 13th year. Traditionally staged the last week of November into the first week of December, it has annually attracted thousands of visitors from far and wide.

This year, however, the Church decided that it was time that the over 150 church volunteers involved in the production took a well-deserved break. And who can possibly argue with that? -------------------------------------------------------------------

BRING YOUR BELLS - One eagerly-awaited tradition that is continuing, however, starting at 4 p.m. over at St. Mary's Parish Hall, 373 Main, Hudson, this Saturday, December 16, is St. Mary's Annual Family Carol Sing. Those who have flocked to the hall for this one-of-a-kind celebration before know what to expect. If you haven't, you will be amazed and uplifted!

With their many instruments will be the Turtle Pond Lane Gang, Together Ensemble, Greenwood Ceilidh, and James Armstrong and Friends. And everyone is warmly invited to take along their own instruments and bells to join in the singing and fun. There is no admission fee although a goodwill offering is always welcome to help defray costs and cookies courtesy of St. Mary's master gingerbread baker, Elizabeth Dempsey, and apple juice will be served. See you there?

And that's a wrap!

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