Letter to the editor 2, Dec. 7, 2017

Nobody’s “Surrogate”….

Dear Editor,

I never considered myself to be a “surrogate” for anyone, and although I understand it’s meant to be condescension towards me, the bigger issue is that it alleges that I responded on “behalf” of the Mayor of Saint-Lazare (Letters to the editor, Your Local Journal, November 30). This is not only insulting to me and the mayor but more importantly to any other concerned citizen who wishes to voice their opinion on something that is written in a public Letter to the Editor. If one wishes to address the mayor without the risk of another citizen calling them out on what they believe is disinformation or false, then a public letter is not the way.

I too have no interest in having an argument with a fellow citizen, but I will always make the time to voice my opinion on any ‘public’ information I believe may be misleading, and will do so without calling the writer a “surrogate” for any anti-mayor or anti-councillor group.

That said, we can all agree that no council should act in secrecy, and based on the fact that council meetings are public, and there were in the past and will continue to be public consultations on major issues, I am sure we are safe from being taken for “fools.”

As for “rumours” of a lavish revitalization plan for the city core, perhaps the writer should base himself on the actual budget, and not what he may have read in a certain candidate’s flyer which had no basis in reality.

Similarly, to state that one hopes decisions won’t be made to benefit only certain people, again is an insult to the councillors who have been duly elected by the people.

As for the “reminders” made to the Director General that he is not part of the “political decision making process,” such a statement is in and of itself an accusation that the DG has made political decisions in the past. Despite the risk of being called a surrogate for the DG as well, I will add that I believe that such an accusation should not be made so flippantly and without any evidence.

With respect to the speed of the Chaline Valley work, this was explained in the last council meeting, and I am sure the mayor, any councillor and since it’s not a “political” issue, even the DG, if contacted, will be happy to re-explain the sound reasoning behind the time frame.

Again to state that he “hopes” the delays won’t be for “petty political” reasons, is another “soft” allegation without any evidence.

The other issues such as clean water and senior citizens, are of course issues that were addressed by the previous council and will continue to be addressed by the present council and I have no doubt they too will continue to do things solely for the benefit of the community.

Honest, unbiased scrutiny of all public officials is not only welcome, but required for our democracy to thrive. However false accusations, innuendo and condescension is not.

Cosimo La Rosa

Proud Saint-Lazare resident

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