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Fern is an 8-year-old, 23-pound Sheltie who was originally found as a stray. Fern arrived at Rosie’s Animal Adoption very frightened and shy. She is a bit better but she will remain timid. It’s believed she’s been bred many times. Fern needs a loving patient family along with a nice calm dog if there is a dog in the family. She also needs a completely secure fenced in yard. She is not a dog who will run to you. She is a really nice dog. She has not shown any aggression at all since she arrived at Rosie’s. She is not a big barker. We are under the impression that she may have lived with a golden retreiver She gets excited when she meets goldens. She is currently on Gabapentin for back pain which is not an expensive pain killer. Fern will be spayed and dental done. So if you wish to give a shy Sheltie a retirement home please apply for Fern. A gentle experienced family would be the best for her.

To apply to adopt Fern, go to www.rosieanimaladoption.ca and click on the Adoption Application Form link.

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