Letter to the editor 2, Nov. 30, 2017

Meeting room

Dear Editor,

Considering the amount that was spent on the new Saint-Lazare Town Hall, they were not able to enlarge the meeting room to accommodate more citizens who may wish to attend future council meetings. Will they be baring people from entering if the limit number is exceeded? Will security be hired to make sure numbers are limited?

It seems that at one point people at the rear could not hear those asking questions. I'm surprised that no one took it upon themselves to verify that all was taken into consideration covering all bases. They should have included a pedestal with a microphone. This would have added more class. Much more could have been done considering what we pay in taxes.

Further, considering the lobby has a vast empty space, maybe the council meetings should be held there. What will they do with all this empty space?

Richard Masys

Saint-Lazare resident

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